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BBC World News: Presentation

martinDTanderson posted:
I just posted the same, interesting how the breakdown slide is from BBC One, with the BBC America logo instead.

Yep, you just beat me to it. Presumably there isn't anything in the BBC America graphics that loops for th breakdown slide

Shame it doesn't have the Jon Oliver voiced 'closed caption' trails on it
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BBC News: Nations & Regions

jrothwell97 posted:

It's not the 'wrong' tune. The new Regions theme tune is a rerecording of the 1999 Regions theme, which is in my opinion far better than the original BBC London News theme tune.

No, the original BBC London tune (and title sequence) was a classic, the updated version now being used by BBC London radio is even better though.

It is odd to hear the old Newsroom SouthEast music (albeit a souped up version) back again, but then anything is better than the titles that were in use until Sunday!
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ITV London Tonight

Alex posted:

I saw a shot of the newsroom on today's London Tonight and all the desks appear to have new dual-monitor Dell PCs. Is it possible to edit from any one of those? (I would guess they're all connected to gigabit Ethernet switches).

Hopefully the hardware performance doesn't prove too frustrating; I wanted to buy my last company provided Dell laptop so that I could throw it into a wood chipper Wink.

In newsrooms you don't normally edit full resolution video. Modern systems produce a low resolution 'browse' copy of everything which is used for viewing and editing in the newsroom and other production offices.
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Al Jazeera English & Al Jazeera America

noggin posted:

Seems that quite a few senior figures at AJE are leaving.

Didn't realise that their main Washington anchor - Dave Marash - was one of them...

It's not entirely surprising, everyone at AJE got a two-year contract.... and they're all starting to come to an end.

When they were originally recruiting there were a lot of people I spoke to who hadthe attitude of going out there, taking advantage of the tax-free pay and free flat etc and then returning to the UK once the contract was up. Also having worked on a couple of launches myself I know that once the thing gets underway and established the attraction wears off and people, especially senior management, look out for new things.

I'd have thought that even without the problems there'd bea lot of people quitting around now
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YouTube Gold

davidlees posted:

I uploaded this...

and some clown used a poor quality mobile to record 'my' video from the YouTube page and reupload it - twice...

Hehe, that is madness. What was he thinking?

I can understand someone reposting a clip if they thought it was going to be taken offline soon... but then they'd at least download it and re-upload it
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Hymagumba posted:
either way I notice my homepage has finally stopped showing BBC1 London and is now showing listings for BBC1 Scotland.

and possibly even more exciting news

hopefully this (and me concerting all my real files into xvid the othet week) will result in an excuse to finally banish anything real from my PC forever. YAY

Hope they keep the option of using Real, it's the only software I've found that allows you to pause and rewind live streams.

Also with the current setup you can (if you know the address) bypass the 5 min/15 min limit on shuttling through Listen Again
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Al Jazeera English & Al Jazeera America

noggin posted:

Though BBC World isn't produced in 16:9 - only the news programmes on it are. The presentation areas still run 4:3 I believe - with 16:9 material ARCed to 14:9 letterbox.

That's a good point, but then it wouldn't be much of a leap to change it into 16:9 24/7 as the news and most of the programmes are... and the branding would have been made in 16:9 too
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Al Jazeera English & Al Jazeera America

noggin posted:

I suspect it is currently easier to distribute a single 4:3 feed (containing a 14:9 letterbox) - as AJE is uplinked to various satellites from various locations. It isn't as if they just uplink from Doha to get global coverage, they have to route their feeds to various uplink locations which may uplink to multiple satellites.

In other words they'd have to pay to distribute a second 16:9 SD variant to the Astra 2/Eurobird uplink location they are using as well as a 4:3 SD version for other satellites. Not cost effective yet I suspect.

Yeah, it's the same as BBC World: it goes out on so many platforms across the world that anything other than a single version that suits all would be too complicated/expnsive. Sadly in both cases that is the lowest common denominator of 4:3

AJ do produce their channel in HD so might eventually distribute a 4:3 SD and a full 16:9 HD version but AIUI no-one takes it in HD yet
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Tv ark: Relaunch and beyond

jrothwell97 posted:
tvarksouthwest posted:
Unfortunately it's the only one most of us have at our disposal!

What don't you like about it?

  • Associates all files with itself
  • Slow
  • Rubbish quality in comparison to WMP, Quicktime, Ogg
  • Many features disabled unless you pay Real $15, and even then it's still rubbish
  • Tries too much to be the 'hub of your digital life'
  • STUPID Media Guide and messages reminding you about how great a trailer for The OC is (not)
  • Sluggish, ugly UI
  • Demands your personal information on installation - I can understand if you've bought a brand new computer, but a media player !?
  • WMP has to be surgically removed from a machine - to remove Real Player you practically have to torch the machine and then hammer it to pieces.

In other words, I hate RealPlayer with a passion. May I recommend QuickTime, or Ogg Theora?

I've never had a problem with the free Real Player, It plays my Real files, MP3s and MPGs and nothing else. The trick is to go for custom installation and then select the file types you want it to play, really simple and easy to do. The messages are easily turned off too, I have never had a pop up message from Realplayer!

The big advantage Real has over other media players is the way it buffers streaming audio in a timeline so you can pause, rewind and fastforward radio in a PVR (Sky/Virgin+) style.

Haven't tried VLC yet, but the problem I have with Quicktime is that I've never found a way to get it to 'stay on top'
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The NEW Central West and BBC Midlands thread

fanoftv posted:

As for Pebble Mill, I was wondering where Pebble Mill in the 90's came from, was it actually from Pebble Mill (I only remember bits, and I think, and stress on the word think that some of the presenters were Alan Titchmarsh, Judi Spicer, Ross King and Sarah Green) as I only remember from the Midlands Today report before tearing it down that there was only their studio, the one that they used for midlands today, was the only television studio. Was this wrong? Am I wrong?

There were a few TV studios at Pebble Mill, however in it's last few years all but the Midlands Today one were closed, IIRC the last programme recorded there was Call My Bluff

The late 80's/ early 90's Daytime Live/Scene Today/Pebble Mill started off was in the old foyer studio, it was only the last year or 2 that it moved inside to a 'proper' studio
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YouTube Gold

saturdaymorning posted:

Read the page on Boukenger I linked to please.And the other stuff at the bottom.

The tokusatsu[special photography] genre is highly respected in eastern countries. And Bioman in France.

What *are* you talking about?