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YouTube Gold

The satellite mentioned in the video was ECS1, also known as Eutelsat 1 F 1:

Mind you that being said Astra was near enough the same (but in a different position in the sky - Astra at 19.2 degrees East compared to Thor which was 5 degrees East) which may have had more to do with it (Astra may also have had longer solar wings too), but all satellites were at risk of sun outages:

This is different to a sun outage, they occur twice a year around the autumn and spring equinox and are when the sun is directly behind the satellite and overwhelms the signal into the dish. You get a brief decrease in signal from the satellite.

The Superchannel example is different, the outage is power related and as Trish says they will happen every night for a few weeks.

Presumably its to do with being out of view of the sun and thus without power. Though why the batteries wouldn't keep not going I don't know. Maybe Direct to Home services like Superchannel were higher powered and thus shut down to preserve the lower powered communications ones?

Here is how Dish TV in the US handled sun outages in the 90s. Note, this is the signal into them degrading, not the one to the customers dish... hence they were able to put up a caption about it

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GMB & This Morning to be extended-Official

ITV are being crafty here. If you've ever watched this morning on catchup and fast forward through the ads and the competitions you can have it watched in about an hour and 10 minutes. It's a chance for them to throw more adverts in.

Eh? Presumably there'll be the same number of ad breaks as they have now, just more in This Morning

I wonder if they'll do a throw from Lorraine to This Morning as they do from GMB to Lorraine?
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2019 General Christmas election.

What does perhaps need an explanation is why they only showed Johnson laying his wreath. During an election purdah period shouldn't they be showing all of the party leaders equally as they all took part? Had they done that whoever was editing it might have had a "this isn't Jo Swinson" lightbulb moment and started again with the correct clip.

I've not seen what happened, and don't particularly trust any of the videos online to be accurate of what went out.

But yes, if they were editing together a single ulay of the party leaders then they'd have made that from the recording of the 2019 event. Although they could just have clipped up seperate wreath ulays of Corbyn and Swinson and played them back to back. In which case there is still the potential of either the producer choosing the archive one used the day before assuming that it's contemporary and not checking it.
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2019 General Christmas election.

Thing is I watched the coverage and didn't notice the wrong way round thing, no one I was with commented either. So if it is a BBC plot to cover it up then it's failed spectacularly.

I'm always skeptical about theories concerning journalistic conspiracies and institutionalised bias. I've been in a fair few editorial meetings and trying to get all the journos to decide on anything is impossible. If they're told what to think even some of those who agreed would just do the opposite to be contrary
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ITV abandons the South Bank

In which particular alt-universe is including the final letter of any of the words being abbreviated even a thing?


And then there's the rail industry, where Cardiff Central is known as CDF (or... South Bank station which is known as SBK ...)

Yep and theres quite a few examples at the BBC. They use CF for Cardiff, GW for Glasgow, MR for Manchester, TWS for Tunbridge Wells....
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ITV abandons the South Bank

I wouldn't be surprised if Celebrity Juice returns to The Riverside Studios and maybe The Last Leg.

I noticed from their website a while back that the new TV studio has the 'iconic' brick wall which The Last Leg utilised and replicated long after they left Riverside. I can't remember if they still have that as a backdrop or whether it got phased out
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ITV abandons the South Bank

That article describes the former ITV site as "Prince's Wharf and the SBK Building".

My assumption / educated guess is that "Prince's Wharf" is the former Studio 8 / This Morning building, and therefore "SBK Building" means the towerblock?

I can obviously work out that the first two letters must stand for South Bank, but what the blithering flip is the K supposed to stand for?

Over the years I've read/heard people refer to it as everything from "the LWT tower" to "The London Studios", but prior to reading that article I've never in my life encountered it being referred to as "SBK Building"

Yes, it'll be just to distinguish the two parts of the site, that's all it is to them - a development site they're working on. It's been out of the hands of ITV for a while, last time I came past it the windows had marketing for the sale of the site on it with a generic name

Presumably the removal of that bridge is because Princes Wharf isn't part of the development and was only leased by ITV. It detaches the two so that the owners of Princess Wharf can do whatever they need to

Go to the link that Technologist posted and look at page 8, they refer to it as "Kent House", I'm guessing that's where the K comes from. "South Bank Kent" perhaps?

They refer to only the tower as Kent House, as opposed the podium block which is the bit with the studios. The bridge went to the latter.

The K is the last letter in bank, its that simple
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ITV abandons the South Bank

And another one ...there was a residential tower on Upper ground next to IBM and a Office tower next to the river with a office studios and small office tower next to Gabriels wharf .... and it has 869 bycycie places
Here is the planning document of 94 pages !

Presumably the new owners will have to reapply for permission for whatever they want to do with it. Looking at the application, a lot of the consideration was to do with having studios in the new complex, the National Theatre's submission which agreed with the plans for example. So no would have thought that the council would want some sort of use that's not just flats and offices.
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I’m A Celebrity.........2019

Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp is London's No.1 Breakfast Show.

The Today Programme is, and has for a long time been the most popular breakfast show in London.

As of the most recent set of Rajar figures from the other week, Nick Farrari has the most popular commercial radio breakfast show in London.

He's a lot more famous than some people who are appearing on shows as celebrities, even if you don't know him as a DJ you'll probably know who his parents are, and just that has been enough to get someone on a celebrity show in the past
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ITV abandons the South Bank

I know it was always going to happen but I’m gutted. Goodness only knows what it will be come.

Well it was sold with the planning permission that ITV obtained, so I imagine it will be the same sort of thing as ITV planned - part offices, part residential and public space.

I'd say it's fairly certain that there will be a tower roughly in the same place as the current one
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Noel on Strike

Yeah, they'd probably just update them when they replace them. Wouldn't surprise me if ITV still have cameras with the regional branding on them, that disappeared on air 17 years ago.
This particular dish is more than 22 years old.

Unlikely as ENG and news production technology has moved on since - tapeless and HD. They'd probably have been replaced twice since.

The equipment feeding the signal into the dish would have changed as would the nature of the signal, but as long as the range of frequencies you're using haven't a dish like that doesn't become obsolete as quickly
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2019 General Christmas election.

Could someone explain to me why the BBC can’t build an elections hub at NBH? Is it the shear number of feeds coming it that can’t be handled or space?

Presumably space. BH is rammed to the gunnels already, the idea of having a fairly large office space and technical space that sits there empty for most of the time just won't be practical.

There's plenty of space at Elstree and that is where the big studio that is normally used for general elections is, so that's where they put it.
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Taskmaster move to Channel 4 confirmed

It does have a style of its own, but it's not so 'out there' that it couldn't go to another channel. That said I think it would fit better on C4 than BBC1, primetime BBC1 is a bit too mainstream.

I'd have thought that not much would change whereever it goes, it's a complete package they're buying. The only difference could be the production values, a bigger budget could mean a larger studio used* and better quality location filming. The level of contestant might well rise too, which could be a bad or a bad thing.

*they've been a bit nomadic studio wise, the current set looks a bit snug. The first was done at Fountain and I'm sure looked a bit more spacious
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The Late Late Gay Byrne Irish Television Thread

To be brutally honest - will any Irish listener even know the digital RTE radio stations cease? I have a hunch that unlike UK DAB stations, these ones from RTE have a tiny listenership?

Presumably DAB take up is a lot lower than the UK as there's only the RTE mux unless you're near Northern Ireland. The other DAB mux closed in 2008, not surprising RTE are throwing in the towel, but a shame for anyone who will now have an unusable radio
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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

I can't remember the exact details, but it was an issue with the automation system that controls the various systems in the studio.

I know a couple of people who were involved that night, one of whom I think you can see running around in the background. They had all hands on deck running everything - graphics, camera remotes etc manually, with packages played from edit suites