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Twitter (and other social media) Gold Thread

Which one do you think is the best overall?

So many to choose from but The Snowman spoof has got to be their best. Really well made, beautiful looking and timeless....unlike:


We never thought mum was the punchline per say, more the reaction to what she said

The joke is the unexpected thing the mother sings. The reaction shots are just a bonus laugh.

Either way, it's probably not an ad they'd run today
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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

This may have been posted before, in the 95 pages of this thread. The "Richard Littlejohn Live & Uncut" clip from LWT, where some unsuitable content (!) is switched to air - not knowing whether LWT's Pres Desk was mostly hard-wired sources, or whether VTs and studios were assigned to the desk as Outside Sources, I don't know quite how this would have happened.

My assumption, having seen the clip few times (and I saw it happen live) was that someone, most likely in LWT's MCR had the other channel, RTL, on the router for 'monitoring purposes' and it got accidently got routed to the OS line
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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

Yes, I seem to remember they had stills handy in the stills store along with breakdown slides etc. So maybe in that breakdown the director went for a stills store output and picked one with an ident still rather than a breakdown slide loaded on it.

Of course one use for these was for obits as seen when the Queen Mum died
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Incident on London Bridge

BBC, Sky and Al Jazeera with rolling coverage.

Al Jazeera's London office is in The Shard at the south end of London Bridge, so along with The Wireless Group/News UK who are next door they are very close to the incident

Normally an advantage being so close. When that other incident on London Bridge happened a few years ago they weren't allowed in or out of the building. I think they ended up doing phone interviews with their own staff who had gone out for a break/for a pint and couldn't get back inside
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Top of the Pops

It could be that the theme tune started on the tape before the titles started so that Pres, or in this case Radio 1 had some audio they could fade up early.

I'd have thought it was unlikely that Radio 1 would take the output of BBC1 as it was in mono at the time
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BBC Oneness adds a bit of hot air

It's odd considering that only people who are watching the show would even recognise the fact that it is a 'His Dark Materials' variation; and the fact that they were putting it before already popular shows such as MM's Big Show and Strictly suggests that they were intending to promote it to a larger audience - despite HDM having been going for a couple of weeks already. Also, not even showing it before the programme itself just seems bizarre.

Not really, if the point is to promote it, then there's little point putting it on in front of the actual thing when the audience is there watching it

TV companies don't usually run traditional prkmos before the thing they're promoting
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2019 General Christmas election.

I've the opposite review on R/Politics actually. It's one of the worst subs for absolute hysteria - and is a chore to read after a while.

It can be a bit, but I get a better context of the story through reading the conversations about the story than I do through any other means. The way that only certain, reliable, publications are allowed to be posted is a big plus.

I always take Reddit and Twitter with a big pinch of salt - there's a lot of ignorance and people can come out with or believe the biggest load of rubbish.

As I say, it's representative of the whole Internet.

The one USP that Reddit has is that a lot of the rubbish gets downvoted and therefore hidden or relegated to the bottom. It's a feature I wish a lot of other forums had.... I'd use it a lot on here! Laughing

The whole Boston Bomber saga was a particular lowpoint.

Yes that was disastrous for its reputation, there's been a few of those - the whole The_Donald section is another. However not every user sees the controversial stuff as by its very nature you only get the sections you want appearing. It's different to Twitter in that respect as it's topic based rather than person based
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2019 General Christmas election.

I'm sure some do, it's a massive site with a large diverse membership.

I've used Reddit for years and it's really a reflection of Internet itself - some subreddits are valuable and decent, some are absolute cesspits. Some users are well informed and highly intelligent... some are total a-holes.

r/politics has been invaluable the last few years for keeping in touch with what's going on with American politics. It's a very heavily moderated subreddit so it's mostly constructive and reliable.

There's every topic you can think of on there, to dismiss it because it's got, or had, some undesirable parts is unfair

(Not that I'm a subscriber to the conspiracy regarding the BBC and Boris)
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