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Global to launch 24hr rolling news station

LBC's previous owners had a bit of a chequered history with rolling news formats. What is now LBC London News started when the new licensee too over from LBC in 1994. IIRC they started with a 20 minute format, but also tried 30, 15 and then went a bit long form before sticking at 20 with a station called 'News Direct'

That lasted a while and was a comparative success, although the only things people remember it for is its travel news 'on the 1s' and it's over reliance on ITN TV audio at the end of it life.

When Chrysalis took it over they moved to MW and put the more popular talk format on FM. The MW version sort of languished there and didn't get much attention, but seems to hold its own in the ratings now, though I wonder how many Rajar respondents get it confused with the main LBC station.
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40th anniversary of the ITV strike

It doesn't need to be connected to a strike per say but to have content waiting to go. Look at blockbusters most of the episodes were done over six week block during the summer, yet some ep never got broadcast until march the following year.

That's just the way they're produced, saves money to do lots at one go. If they're doing 4 or 5 a day then they're going to last that long on air whe they're showing 5 a week.
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ITV Telethons

Once TV Ark is back up, I'm sure on the old site, one of the still images from Telethon had Frank Bough and Judith Chalmers in the London regional Telethon studio, and i'm sure it read "Thames Television" on a sign next to the Telethon logo.

Yeah as if we'll ever see that clip again! Rolling Eyes

Probably the 1992 Telethon then, the one I didn't see. It would be unusual though as normally everything had both station names on it. Possibly as they were on the way out they did it differently that year. Obviously some LWT involvement as Frank Bough was a presenter for them at the time.
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ITV Telethons

During the three telethons, the main programme was hosted from LWT, but when the were visiting all the regions, London was covered by Thames, not LWT. I recall during the 1992 edition, Michael Aspel said "lets see what's happening in London, with Frank Bough and Judith Chalmers at Thames".

It had never occurred to me that the London regional hits were produced by Thames - it wasn't mentioned as being such and the presenters weren't always Thames star. But that makes sense in terms of dividing up the work. They were never from their studios though, IIRC one of them was from the Connaught Rooms in Holborn and another from Hay's Galleria (I remember watching one on holiday in York so only saw the YTV and Tyne Tees versions)

This would, apart from Thames Weekend News on a Friday night in the early 80s, have been the only other occasion that Thames was broadcasting something outwith its normal hours.

That would work the other way too, the 1988 and 1990 Telethons were bank holiday Sunday/Monday, so a rare South Bank outing on Thames

Incidently the late night epilogue type programme that Thames made was shown on LWT at one stage, although that was recorded
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Channel 4 pre-1993 regional opt outs

That is surprising, as there were no commercial breaks or regional opts required during or after such a programme! It would have been fed our, along with the testcard, via the regional ITV stations, but they weren’t required to do anything until after the second start up!

True, but CATS was Channel 4's automation, so would have still needed updating. Obviously amending timings is a regular thing that need doing, maybe they either had a problem or because there was just a live conference on maybe the staff present were less senior and not able to change the timings?
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Channel 4 pre-1993 regional opt outs

There was a Presfax style text service available to the ITV companies so they had the timings.

Yes as described earlier in this thread or another somewhere, it was teletext based and called Ident.

Same sort of idea as the BBCs Presfax, but that wasn't teletext based until the 2000s

There was space to put messages on it for such circumstances but a newsflash probably wouldn't have made much difference, they ran the ads when C4 told them to,
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40th anniversary of the ITV strike

The Welcome Home jingle sounds like a proffesional production, so highly likely a commission to a advertising jingle company.

The graphics, whilst looking like it was a Thames/LWT Inhouse job for the network, probably was done by a Soho facilities house. Mollinaire, for example.

Yep there were lots of companies in Soho and elsewhere in London that produced or helped to produce TV and film. It would almost certainly have been produced on film
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ITV abandons the South Bank

Odd to think that currently, this must be the most amount of live studio television per week ever produced at Television Centre in it's history - and it's all for 'the other side'!

No-where close. ITV do 6 hours every weekday plus Peston and there's Sunday Brunch and The Last Leg.

As mentioned even in the last few years TV Centre had two news channels broadcasting from it.

If you only count the main studio block there was a lot more live in the past. At one point there was 3 hours of Breakfast 5 days a week, Saturday was live from 9am to 6pm most weeks then Noel and lottery and Match of The Day. Frost, Grandstand and On The Record on Sundays. Weekdays had live Blue Peters, Newsnight, Watchdog etc. Even BBC Choice had an hour and a half live most weekdays.

A lot more than ITV do in a week now
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ITV abandons the South Bank

Riverside seem to be having problems opening their new studios, does anyone know why? It was planned for early 2019, then summer 2019, and still on their website it says they will open in 2019, well there are only two and a half months left of 2019, shouldn't it be up and running by now?

Oddly enough I was thinking about Riverside the other day. Yes you're right there's no update about when the centre or the TV studio opens. Broadcast reported in January that the TV studio was taking bookings for August and that's it. The new series of Celebrity Juice, one of their old regular bookings, is being made at Elstree
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BBC One English Regions opt outs

Staffing costs are likely to be negligible given the proximity to the 2225 bulletin.

It means finishing at least 1 hour and 40 minutes later than a regular shift, so it depends what the technical operator does at the other end of their shift whether they can come in later or get overtime. Plus working after midnight incurs night working payments and in some cases the'll be eligible for a late night taxi home.

I'd assume that they'd have to pay for an engineer to be on shift too, if not they'd need someone else in at some sites otherwise the operator would be 'lone working' which is a health and safety issue.

ALl that times the number of regions doing something for the sake of it and that does mount up. Budgets are tight at the regions
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NBC News, MSNBC, ABC News and others from across the pond

Love the genuinely shocked expression from Neil Cavuto, I wonder how many people knew. The people behind him on the stupidly oversized screens didn't seem to react.

Shades of Cilla Black and that bloke who resigned from Midlands Today... except in those cases they didn't to hand over to a flabbergasted colleague

Neil's comment on Shepherd Smith not aging amused me, he's always looked like he's not a stranger to cosmetic surgery