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International News Presentation: Past and Present

A compilation of news intros used by Rete 4 in Italy from 1992 to the present day:


0:23-1:11 Various orchestra versions of TG4 theme

After that the TG4 theme switched to synthesized version as we go towards the openers of recent years at the end of the video.
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New look BBC One - Jan 2017

There just played out Kayakers ( nearly out in full 27 sec) So that might use that one again for that programme? There is nothing else I can see them being able to use.

Yes, captured it as well, but alas shorter than yesterday's playout (which I didn't capture) Sad

Captured it to full length in the end, 623058, via Wales, leading into the News Channel this morning. However, it is badly marred by Al Dupres' attempt at humour, which is as bad as your worse ever Christmas Cracker joke Sad


Can someone please transcribe that?

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Eurovision 2018

At the time I remember assuming that the 1990 contest, in then still socialist Yugoslavia, would be incredibly old fashioned, with shoddy production and beset with technical difficulties. That awkward start aside the show went quite smoothly I think didn't it? They featured an animated cartoon character EuroCat which was very reminiscent of other strange Eastern Europe animations that used to occasionally turn up on children's tv at the time.

Here's something to recall (skip to 3:50):
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International Presentation

TV Cultura, Brazil, 1992, partial continuity:

Notice Bayer being the supporter (apoio in Portuguese, similar to "underwriting credit" in American public TV) of the Bundesliga football match broadcast where a footballer named Jorginho was one of the foreign players of German football team.

Followed by an animated bumper and the first minutes of a late night music program, returning after a short break. Unlike American public TV, TV Cultura has breaks during programs but carry little to no adverts.

Followed by this closedown:

A pre-recorded announcement listing out tomorrow's programmes, an ident complete with callsign, the Brazilian national anthem and a few colourbars before the signal is switched off.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Saturday and Sunday Station (openers side by side), TV Asahi, Japan, 2017:

(copy the link above and paste on the address bar on your browser, then go to the site to watch the video; can't embed the tweet for some reason)
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International Presentation

The making of Rede Globo's 25th anniversary logo in 1990.

First they make a prototype model made out of a transparent cylinder. Then they make a storyboard for the ident, made some test animations and complete the 3D animation until it's done. The cylinder looks more like a spaceship to me.

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International Presentation

Almost all the adverts in the video are toy-related. This might have been taken during anime programming in the morning or in the early evening.

BTW, in case you didn't know, TV Tokyo moved to its new offices at Roppongi, Tokyo, November last year. In terms of branding, their mascot is a banana, which sounds like number seven in Japanese (nana). A variation of the mascot, who wears an office suit is used by BS Japan, the direct-to-home satellite channel of TV Tokyo. (BS has a different connotation in Japan and does not stand for bulls***). BS Japan's current logo is based on TV Tokyo's logo.

Unlike other TV networks in Japan, TV Tokyo's network stations are fewer (just five of them) and they concentrate on the densely-populated areas of Japan such as Sapporo, Kanto area and Osaka Prefecture. Some programs are seen on independent stations which are members of JAITS and only concentrate on the three most densely populated areas; Kanto area, Tokai area and Kansai area.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

The 8 pm news on TV1, Malaysia, with a clock.
Note that the style of the intro is heavily inspired by TVE1's Telediario… and the set can remind of ORF2's Zeit Im Bild.


There's also a 5 pm newscast on the same channel. Here's one, with a weather forecast at the end.


Thanks Le Neko for sharing some of my country's newscasts!
The clocks before the news on TV1 now only appears on the 8 pm news.

The lower third graphics is a refresh of the previous look that debuted last year. The bottom right box is removed, and the lower third is made longer.

The top-left logo graphic on TV1 is for our country's national day campaign which now starts as early as last March. It ends mid-September where after that period the logo is no longer used. The previous two years where they use a different campaign, started around April/May. To me I find this permanent logo placement annoying and this made me stopped watching the news. I'm not sure whether other countries do such thing.

The 5 pm news is a regional news round up with some segments dedicated to news from other states. Sabah and Sarawak appears everyday while the latter two are other states appearing in rotation. By far this is the only newscast that airs in the afternoon in our country. The newscast is shortened to just a half-hour during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Speaking about weather forecasts, we don't have much weather forecasts like other countries. Most of our weather forecasts just show the weather and temperature for major towns for Malaysia and nothing else.

Anyway I watch neither newscasts. I only watch when I feel to.
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Television Presentation From Defunct Countries and Regimes

Czechoslovak TV news reports on the construction of the iconic Žižkov TV transmitter in Prague, 1985 (includes the news intro):


The transmitter was completed in 1992, after the collapse of Communism.

This is what it looks like nowadays:

Source: Thomas Ledl, Wikipedia

That tower reminds me more of the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Ostankino and the TV Tower in Berlin, in terms of the design.

Also it seems odd that TV Nova reuse the title of the Communist-era newscast a decade later.
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International Presentation

Not really presentation related, but a report from Brazil's TV Cultura on NHK in 1994, with some views of NHK news, the opener for NHK News 7, views of teleprompter (not a scrolling one, but the one where a camera points to the handwritten script), translation booths for international news and some children's TV.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

YouTube streams of the live coverage of South Korean Presidential election from broadcasters:

Over-the-air generalists
KBS (geochecker)

Cab-sat jongpyeons from newspapers
JTBC from Joongang Ilbo (geochecker), Channel A from Dong-a Ilbo (geochecker)

News channels
YTN (geochecker), Yonhap TV (geochecker)

The details on "jongpyeon" is here: https://followingkpop.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/what-is-jongpyeon-or-comprehensive-programming/
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Globo, SPTV (local news for Sao Paulo), new look, May 2017:

They've ditched the long running sided box look. They've added separate titles for separate editions. Also a very mappy title sequence.

The theme is a refresh of the previously improved refresh in 2015.

The same look is also shared on most Globo-affiliated stations across Brazil. The collective name for all local newscasts on their local stations is Praca TV.

On a side note, I found naming newscasts with numbers is common not just in Brazil and Austria's ORF but also Spanish-speaking countries and former Yugoslavian countries.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

CNN Philippines sign off for Good Friday

It appears that the Broadcasters in the Philippines Restrict Broadcast hours Durning Holy Week, much Like RTE did in the 1960's.

Did they sign off for Easter?

Durning the 1960's RTE TV and Radio only came on air for Religious services on Good Friday afternoon, Usually, around 3 pm and after a closing News Bulletin they would be off air by 6.30pm. This practice died out by the late 60's (Everyone that could turned over to BBC or ITV)

However, this seems to still go on in the Philippines with almost all over the air broadcasters having restricted hours during Holy Week.

In case of Muslim-majority countries during the fasting month of Ramadan (which will start at the end of this month, but it follows the Hijri calendar where it follows the phases of the moon), TV stations will provide special programming during the pre-dawn meal and Iftar (evening meal after sunset). Never thought there would be a closedown period.
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