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New BBC Local Radio jingles

The do sound very commercial, especially the notes at the start which sound very familiar to me, but can't place which commercial station I've heard them on.

A bit of a shame as I really like the current package and my local station adopted them less then two years ago so they still feel new. The London package in particular sounds great still

I heard these yesterday but not the bit about stations being able to decide whether to use the sung bits. I was looking forward to hearing how they were going to fit in 'Radio Coventry and Warwickshire' and stretch out 'Tees'

I think its time that the Somerset Sound name was reintroduced with these new jingles.
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New BBC Radio Slates on Freeview

Shame they didn't take the opportunity to display the local station name as the logo rather than the generic BBC Local Radio one.

They are visualy crisper to look at but as I said painfully slow to load (worse than Bauer's stations) and quite often all that loads is the BBC dog.

Apparently it's to save space on the multiplex by only having one logo stored rather than five. BBC Radio London is the only local station that does have its own logo, with a red rather than purple background.

My Youview box and TV are showing proper BBC logos eg BBC Somerset on the TV menu but not the slates themselves. Still a step in the right direction.

BBC Bristol's is still text though, er?

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ITV presentation refresh in the New Year

Kudos for this prediction from many pages ago...

Given the clues I imagine the new look itv might look something like this....

This certainly isn't a million miles off...


Well tonights Euro Millions numbers are..... (I'm keeping them to myself, sorry!)
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