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BBC One-ness - Jan 2017 onwards

I get the reasoning behind point 2 on the imperialistic front, but the problem is the same as a lot of things in modern life, which is that the replacement is so bland, inoffensive and generic that it goes to the other end of the spectrum and becomes unmemorable.

There is a charm about, for example, old spinning models and wooden sets in sitcoms when compared to flashy CGI and sleek production values, especially if everybody does it.
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BBC One-ness - Jan 2017 onwards

A "year long collaboration" may mean it took a year to actually make the idents, but they could well be spread out over a longer period, so the statement would still technically be true.

Would people prefer one well designed ident in the style of the globe?

I had an idea for a CGI globe to spin, stop on a country, and zoom through to look at people performing a tradition in said country.

I know I've posted about this before, but I'd rather see a series of idents showing the globe formed up of various items along a theme - perhaps newspapers for the news, headphones and stereos for music shows, that kind of thing. If you look up the Disney Channel idents from 1999, you'll hopefully see what I mean.
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BBC1 Christmas 2017 Idents

It must be hard for BBC One, trying to come up with something new each year. This is probably the main reason why BBC Two, ITV and Channel just recycle their idents. I wonder if ITV will continue with their 2013 batch?

Well they seemed to manage it pretty much every year since the late 1960s...

This year? Pfft, why bother caring? It'll either be last year's again or some terrible Oneness "concept".
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BBC One-ness - Jan 2017 onwards

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but it looks like they slipped the obligatory self-congratulatory case study about this up on the BBC Creative site recently.

Among all the images on there is buried a photo from a Oneness ident already done but which as far as I know hasn't aired yet (unless it has literally just gone to air this morning). Just labelled 'Wild Camping' on the gallery on the site it's presumably the next one we can expect if they already have it shot, although it does suggest they aren't rushing it to air in order to stretch this campaign out a bit.

(I wonder if that tent has a door shaped like a 2...)


It looks like a gritty Swedish BBC Four drama series trailer.

Or the reality of Carry On Camping.
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Potential new Channel 4 idents launched

The idents are OK but they don't really make much sense.

It's like going to a movie but the only thing good about the movie is the cgi and not the actual story. The only one I like is the wheelchair one in this case.

The great thing about the original 4 idents was the coming together of the different parts to make a 4. The music arrangement was slightly different for each one. It was stripped back and simple and it lasted the longest on the channel.

I don't understand why they don't just keep it simple and the channel 4 logo is so distinctive they should be showing it off rather than messing it up or making it a random robot man.

These idents are going to get boring very quickly. They need to strip it back and mix up the fourscore theme so that it isn't the same each time you hear it. Be different.

Channel 4 has always been a channel to not play by the rules so I can see why they're going down this route. If we're talking "creatively", I'm guessing this 2nd phase is trying to tell the story of how they examined the blocks found in the 1st phase, welded them together to make Blocky (TM) and set it out into the world to communicate with us humans.

Blocky is at least a symbol to unite the idents around, and yes, they're not "proper" idents in the traditional sense, so not perfect, but definitely better than what came in 2015. I do think, however, that they should do more than four initial idents to avoid the same criticisms as the 2015 set, or indeed BBC Two's 2001 launch. As it's only a set of test idents, this remains to be seen so it's hard to be too critical of them before they launch. Maybe they could use the Fourscore theme arranged with other instruments (piano, violin etc.).
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Potential new Channel 4 idents launched

What is this Channel 4 man going to be called?? Does he have a name?? Or, is he, a she?? Or gender neutral?? Is he called Bob??

How about Channel Fourderman? Very Happy

I'm not sure Carol Vorderman would appreciate that! I'd call it Blocky!

I like the look of them, and certainly a marked improvement on the first set as it actually has the logo itself front and centre, albeit in a more abstract format because, of course, this is Channel 4 we're talking about.

Reminds me a lot of the "modern art" statue in The World's End...
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STV Main Thread:

ITV Digital boss Simon Pitts becomes CEO of STV replacing Rob Woodward

Behind a paywall so...

"Simon Pitts, ITV managing director for online, pay TV, interactive and technology, will join STV on 3 January 2018.

Pitts has been with ITV for 17 years and was linked to the vacant top job at the broadcaster as well as the equivalent position at Channel 4.

The appointment comes after Rob Woodward announced in April he would be stepping down as STV chief executive within 12 months.

STV chair Baroness Margaret Ford said the broadcaster had conducted a "thorough and rigorous search process" to find Woodward's replacement.

She added:

The combination of Simon’s sector experience, drive and track record in delivering strategic change makes him an ideal candidate to lead STV’s next phase of growth.

Pitts said: "I have got to know STV well during my time at ITV and I'm excited by the opportunity to lead a company with such a strong brand and relationship with its audience."

STV has a network affiliate agreement with ITV to broadcast shows in Scotland. A listed company in its own right, STV holds a "channel three" licence for the majority for Scotland.

Shares in STV rose 2.65 per cent in morning trading.

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MHP and MHP "Redux" discussion

As a result of the MHP Private Parts returning (which is great news by the way), the TV Uploads site I set up to replace it is to close on September 1st. Members there have until 31st August at 6pm to download any content from the site.

That's a shame. Is there any reason why we can't have both?

There's no point really. I only set the site up to plug a gap. I always said to myself that once the MHP was back up and running, I'd close the site. It was never meant to be a permanent site.

Fair enough! Thanks for all your hard work in getting TV Uploads set up as an interim solution anyway!
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Shows that people forget or get lost in time

A trimmed episode of Name That Toon is here:

I don't think Mark Speight was was contracted to either the BBC or ITV as he quite often appeared on both networks - SMart ran for 14 years and had a few spin-offs on the BBC while on ITV he had the Saturday morning magazine of Scratchy & Co and some other stuff too.

Wow, I remember that now you've posted it! Poor Mark Speight, such a loss. Also, did colours seem to be a lot bolder and brasher in the 90s?
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