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STV Central Reporting Scotland

STV News

STV News Tonight has been on air for 8 weeks now - but according to viewing figures from BARB, it hasn't really made much of an impact. The most amount of viewers it has had was on the 10th May, when 17,000 tuned in.

Arrow w/e 7th May: STV NEWS TONIGHT (FRI 1900) - 12,000 (7th most watched)
Arrow w/e 14th May: STV NEWS TONIGHT (WED 1900) - 17,000 (4th most watched)
Arrow w/e 30th May: STV NEWS TONIGHT (TUE 1900) - 12,000 (9th most watched)

Here is a list of the 10th most watched programme on weeks where STV News Tonight hasn't made the list:
Arrow w/e 21st May: PETER & ROUGHIE'S FOOTBALL SHOW (4) (WED 1932) - 11,000
Arrow w/e 28th May: STV NEWS F/B WEATHER (WEEKDAY) (TUE 2624) - 10,000
Arrow w/e 4th June: STV NEWS AT SIX (2) (TUE 1800) - 11,000
Arrow w/e 11th June: PETER & ROUGHIE'S LEGENDS (1) (SAT 1531) - 9,000

It seems that since STV2 launched (well, added three new cities to its broadcast area) - it hasn't added viewers at all...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

The earliest on-screen URL

I'd argue Twitter handles have even started to replace URLs.
On a related note, I remember several years back there was a bus stop advert that ran, which simply featured a search box with a search term in it (that I can't remember now). Upon searching said term, the first result was for some internet marketing company. I remember shortly afterwards, it seemed every advertiser was suddenly saying 'search for [insert company name or product]' or instead of directing people to a specific URL. That fad appears to have died off now.

ITV News London do that...seems a bit daft nowadays.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

UK General Election

Apologies if this has already been posted, but Julie Etchingham will be presenting coverage of the results the morning after the night before, from 9.25am until 2pm. No mention of Alastair Stewart at all in the coverage. Such a shame!

From ITV Press Centre:
Election 2017: ITV News Special

ITV News will be back on air throughout the morning, with an ITV News Election 2017 special live programme presented by Julie Etchingham.

She will have the key developments and reaction to the results of the general election, with expert analysis from correspondents in Westminster and across the country.

On what is sure to be a dramatic day for the UK, ITV News will hear from a range of leading politicians, opinion formers and voters themselves to examine how the nation has voted and who will be the next occupant of Number 10.

Tom of course anchoring coverage from 9.55pm on Thursday, with Nina overseeing the social media coverage.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

ITV News

Did you see the slight mistake before the break on the evening news tonight, when they accidently cut to a shot of Charlene White sat in the normal ITV news studio. (Mary hosted the whole programme from Salford)

I'm guessing Charlene would be there to be used as a back-up if the link to Salford failed?
Did Charlene also present ITV News London?
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

STV News

Laura Miller has now returned. It also means she has to deal with STV news at ten on STV2, Aberdeen still deals with the 5min updates at 8pm and 9pm. Has Kelly ann left STV? Colins been doing GMB news for ages now.

Kelly-Ann is on maternity leave...

Never know that, when did she go on leave?

I'm sure it was just before Christmas. She did mention it on Twitter before going on leave.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

ITV Programming Thread

I see the Tonight programme is showing separate programmes for England, Scotland and Wales. With Paul Nuttall for UKIP on ITV; Patrick Harvie for Scottish Greens on STV, and Grenville Ham for Wales Green Party on ITV Wales.

Is this the first occasion the Tonight programme has been split across the UK?

During the last General Election, STV viewers got a full Tonight programme focusing on Nicola Sturgeon, interviewed by then Scotland Correspondent Debi Edward. Viewers elsewhere got a mixed programme with Nicola Sturgeon and Nigel Farage, IIRC, both interviewed by Julie Etchingham.

Interesting that the EPG and TV Listings have Paul Nuttall being on STV and UTV still - I wonder if this was a late change, to interview the Green Party leaders in Scotland and Wales?
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

STV News

Oh that looks very nice! The current STV News set is the best they've had in a while but this is a great improvement on that. I would assume that they're using both sides of the studio now and perhaps relighting the soft set for Scotland Tonight (assuming this programme comes from Glasgow), rather than having two separate sets for news and Scot Tonight.

Yeah Scotland Tonight comes from the same studio as STV News and uses the second half of the studio.

I think he means will Scotland Tonight come from the new STV News Tonight set, or will the Glasgow opt move to the new set, with Scotland Tonight getting a new set on the current STV News side...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

BBC Scotland to launch new channel

there is a programming deficit of more than £100m based on what Scots pay in and what they get back.

If there's a deficit of over £100 million from what Scotland pays in than what it gets back then I dread to think what the programming deficit is for viewers in the English Regions, who of course pay the same license fee yet, bar regional news, get the grand total of 50 minutes of regional programming a week (20 minute Sunday Poltics opt-out and 30 minutes of Inside Out, of which half of the stories are used to pad out the regional news).

You have to remember that English regions, or England as a whole, doesn't have its own Parliament, justice system, health system, etc.
I agree that English regions should get more in the way of "local" programmes.

Just to add, I think the new Scottish stand-alone channel is a bad idea. Money could be better spent improving Scottish programmes on BBC One and Two, especially Reporting Scotland...