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STV Central Reporting Scotland

STV News

Oh that looks very nice! The current STV News set is the best they've had in a while but this is a great improvement on that. I would assume that they're using both sides of the studio now and perhaps relighting the soft set for Scotland Tonight (assuming this programme comes from Glasgow), rather than having two separate sets for news and Scot Tonight.

Yeah Scotland Tonight comes from the same studio as STV News and uses the second half of the studio.

I think he means will Scotland Tonight come from the new STV News Tonight set, or will the Glasgow opt move to the new set, with Scotland Tonight getting a new set on the current STV News side...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

BBC Scotland to launch new channel

there is a programming deficit of more than £100m based on what Scots pay in and what they get back.

If there's a deficit of over £100 million from what Scotland pays in than what it gets back then I dread to think what the programming deficit is for viewers in the English Regions, who of course pay the same license fee yet, bar regional news, get the grand total of 50 minutes of regional programming a week (20 minute Sunday Poltics opt-out and 30 minutes of Inside Out, of which half of the stories are used to pad out the regional news).

You have to remember that English regions, or England as a whole, doesn't have its own Parliament, justice system, health system, etc.
I agree that English regions should get more in the way of "local" programmes.

Just to add, I think the new Scottish stand-alone channel is a bad idea. Money could be better spent improving Scottish programmes on BBC One and Two, especially Reporting Scotland...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

The Nightly Show

Will it still be called The Nightly Show when it's dropped to one night a week?

Do you think that will happen?

I doubt it. I think they'll stick with it no matter how low the viewing figures may go. Gone are the days when a programme tanks in the ratings and is pulled from the schedules right away, moved to a graveyard slot to die.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

ITV News

Heres hoping the Evening News relaunch comes next week giving us an excuse to reset this thread and start again.

Is it an actual relaunch, though? Are they planning any other changes other than going single-headed?
If no other changes are planned, it just seems strange that they didn't go single-headed from last night, even with Alastair for now, until Mary returns from leave.