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This Morning

I notice since the end of December the logo on their YouTube vids now says This Morning rather than This Morning with Phillip & Holly.

I think they’ve realised how Eamonn and Ruth are just as important as Phillip and Holly, so they no longer want the on-screen divide with the graphics.

But what about "the brand"!?

Ah yes, the infamous ‘brand’ Laughing
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National Television Awards

I remember this!!! It was intriguing as it was so unusual to see the Grampian logo at the end of a broadcast, probably one of the only programmes all year to be produced by Grampian for the ITV network. (I'm probably wrong but please do not criticise). I wonder why Grampian produced the show from London and not a local company such as Carlton?

Well, it's always been an indie production, certainly used to be Indigo Productions, I think it still is.

They’re called Indigo Television.
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Weekend Good Morning Britain

This feels more like you've found out how to use a graphics package and can change the stroke settings of some text and set text along a path, and you've had a go doing those things. But it doesn't feel like a solid concept for anything in particular, I'm afraid.

Maybe you should develop this much more, create all kinds of graphic scenarios and explain your thinking, before posting.

As I stated above, more will follow soon.

I’ve been using Adobe software for the last six years, and in recent times, I’ve developed my skills.

The whole point of The Gallery is to post two or three images as a starter and develop them over weeks and months, which I plan to do.
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New BBC Local Radio jingles

UTV is a good shout, reminds me of the Pulse 1 package. And the smart speaker reference in the TOTH is pure Global.

“On your radio, on Global Player, and... ‘Play (name of station) ’. This, is [Insert Station Name]... NEWS”

BBC Radio Leicester:
“On the BBC Sounds App, on your Smart Speaker, ‘Play BBC Radio Leicester’, and on your radio. The sound of Leicester is... BBC Radio Leicester”
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Good Morning Britain in 2020

I didn't watch all of it this morning, when Charlotte came to the main desk between 6.30-9.00 was there any interaction between her and Piers & Susanna, except when she was stood at the screen for the headlines?

Yes there was, she trailed them as they were waiting behind the scenes and then they walked into the studio where they cut to the weather with Laura.

Thanks - was there anything when all three were sat at desk and interacting, e.g. like there used to be when they went to local news or the Lorraine preview?

Lorraine was live in the studio
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