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Will Disney close all the UK linear kids channels?

Removing 3 channels with very low shares isn't that big a deal. The Kids Pass on NOW TV is only £1 cheaper, and I can't see Sky and Virgin Media reducing the Kids Pack by £1 especially when they already offer more extra 'channels'.

It would be a bigger deal if the Viacom or Turner kids channels were removed as they are more popular:

Disney Channel 0.7%
Disney Junior 0.9%
Disney XD 0.3%

Nickelodeon 0.11%
Nick Jr 0.26%
Nick Jr Too 0.16%
Nicktoons 0.15%

Cartoon Network 0.21%
Boomerang 0.08%
Cartoonito 0.09%

Those percentages suggest Disney have the higher shares, not lower.

Excuse the typos, edited the post... Disney's shares are much lower!

Disney Channel 0.07%
Disney Junior 0.09%
Disney XD 0.03%

I thought Disney Junior was always one of the better performing pay TV kids channels?

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E4, More4, Film4 and 4Music Rebrand:

Why did they keep 4Music as 4Music when they brought it to the entertainment section and rebranded as an entertainment channel? It is now even showing less music since they rebranded it and still has the 4Music name. Would a rename to T4 or something not be better suited?