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Steph's Packed Lunch

I agree with a lot of points raised so far, including taking a presenter which is the favourite part of 'soup' and isolating it...it's just not always a success. Pasta is almost certainly the best part of minestrone soup. Take it out of the soup though, and it's just soggy pasta. (Chiles and Bleakley going to Daybreak was really removing the pasta from the soup and thinking...this'll work in stew?...to dramatically over-extend the metaphor.)

Having said that, I think Steph is a talent worth poaching and AFAIK, she rates really well with the kind of people that would watch this show and that Channel 4 would want to attract (working and stay-at-home women, low to middle income - great for advertisers). She was successful on Breakfast because she lit up grey business news and makes it accessible, all whilst having an accent that audiences appreciate hearing (despite those that constantly moaned about it) and being warm on air, in contrast to others.

I do wonder about the strategy of just becoming This Morning+2hrs though, mainly because it's a bit unfocused. This Morning can get away with it because they are established, with very successful presenters (who attract the audience regardless of content) and have probably done everything at least once! Interesting to see the press release for 'Morning Live', which has an 8-week run on BBC One at 9:15am coming up (Kym Marsh and Gethin Jones) - it has an immediate reason to be on: a bumper variety pack of the 9:15 popular factuals that have that slot throughout the year...experts + topical chat = (loosely) daily consumer affairs.

What's the drive for Packed Lunch? Other than Steph's a great, capable presenter...C4 have no live programming until 7pm on weekday, and there's a brand new Leeds office that needs to not look like just an empty office.

What would have been a really ballsy commission for C4 would be to do Packed Lunch at 8am. Start off with an hour, and maybe stretch it to 10am (or start at 7am). There's a massive open goal for a live breakfast show without a news or debate agenda - essentially the Radio 2 Breakfast show on TV. You can read the news before your head leaves the pillow on your phone, so have a show that's focused on lifestyle, interior design, life hacks, personal finance, health, 'what to have for tea', 'where to go on holiday', 'dance routines your kids are looking at on TikTok'. This Morning, but without the celeb/promotional circuit bits - and allow Steph to make each section speak to the kind of audience I mentioned. Channel 4 doesn't have shows you can easily plug on a chat show - they are usually too gritty. Even 60 seconds of Yorkshire countryside shots set to music would be an excellent top of the hour antidote to the others available!

Think sort of Big Breakfast, but for those who watched Big Breakfast in the 90s, and are now knackered by three kids and want a pleasant twenty mins watching TV before going upstairs and working from home all day. The audience is ripe for the taking!!

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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Yes so this is caused by a few unfortunate happenings. Essentially the engine that the graphic has been played out doesn't have the right font installed on it. That wouldn't matter usually (because VizRT loads font in it's own special way) but unfortunately a setting in the graphic is also incorrect. The two issues fall between design and technical competencies, and so these things happen!

And when I say right font, I mean right version of the font. Reith is still being updated with new characters and some fixes too and periodically there's an update.

For VizRT to handle right to left languages and languages that do special things with characters we have to use a setting which looks on the PC's Font folder for the right typeface to get that functionality. That setting is on by default globally, in case an Arabic or Persian programme needs to come from any studio at short notice. But it can be switched off on a scene-by-scene basis.

So here, the graphic is probably looking for a font in it's Font folder that it can't find - because it's got a slightly older version of the font installed. When it can't find the right thing we get that gobbledy-gook. Not helpful!

The fix here, would be to change the setting in the scene or to update the fonts installed on the myriad of machines. Why wasn't that done already? Well...human error and the usual issues you get in all work places.

Also, this scene might be a special case that hasn't been used in a while. Journalists have a habit of picking things they are used to, irrespective of how old it is. This may have been built before the global font setting was applied. Of course, there's a lot of people not doing their usual shifts etc too. On average this doesn't happen a lot, but we get peaks when the font is updated and then these cases which slip through the net.

I think there's also a point to be made about issues with automated systems too though. Maintaining the systems, with the correct fonts and settings is boring, repetitive work that I think lends itself to things getting missed. This isn't industry or BBC specific at all. It most likely happens in your job. And we're not talking about 20 or so templates. There are hundreds, made at different points, serving three 24 hour news channels. And there's plenty of machines to update too.

In my mind, this wouldn't have gone on air if graphics operators we're still a thing, previewing in the gallery. When I was operating, I always made sure I saw graphics before they went out on air, on the machine they were being played out on . Automated systems make this harder to do. The theory is that all machines are equal, but in reality that is difficult to maintain. Dosxuk is right (and this is what makes these issues harder to spot), it may have appeared correctly on the preview engine if the same font issue is happening there too and then only fallen over when it was taken live.