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A bit of research on that camera model shows that filming in UHD (or anything other than 1080i/720p 50/60 for that matter) requires extra software and hardware, which I imagine the BBC in these austere times wouldn't be spending money on unless they have to.

Seems that Corrie switched to that same camera model last year too

Yep it requires additional camera hardware and that's before you get into vision mixers, recorders, edit suites, etc. And yes, quite a lot of studios are now running the HDC-3500 (George Lucas Stages, dock10, Elstree, Corrie...)
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The Sport Thread

There is this from Wikipedia:

English-speaking countries (excluding the UK) are able to carry what is known as the 'International feed' or 'World feed' audio; this is full match commentary provided by the Premier League. In Asia, and select other countries around the world, there is also a fully produced studio broadcast called Premier League Productions where pre, half time and post-match analysis is offered. This is currently[when?] hosted by Steve Bower and Manish Bhasin.

Yeah, but other than the IMG games, they are just taking the world feed produced by Sky/BT/AZPV/BBC and adding studio wrap-around.
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CNN International

"The World's News Leader".


This is the problem I have with the Current CNN operation, If they are getting this stuff wrong, what else are they getting wrong?

Sorry, I'm a bit lost and I don't mean to sound stupid but for those who aren't into sport, what did CNN get wrong?

"1996 British World Cup Winner" - should be 1966 England World Cup Winner
"1997 Footballer of the Year" - should be 1966-67 Footballer of the Year
"Went on to manage other football teams" - isn't wrong, but perhaps would've been better to note his management of the Irish national team since that is the most notable