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BBC Two 2018 Revamp

It's the blocks in a purple/blue square isn't it? I've seen that on Dave when they show Top Gear

Yes - that was the previous branding I believe. The new one is B&W with animating dots on stalks? Can't remember if it is BBC Studios or just BBC branded.

Apparently, the dots are based on the dot patterns seen on the TVC building.
It was part of a rebrand of BBC Worldwide back in 2016

I often wondered if those dots served a purpose? Or were they just decorative?

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Attending Studio Recordings

SOL posted:
I was at Break the Safe on Saturday and it was handled a bit poorly as well by the Applause Store. I understand why they over subscribe as well, but I don't understand why they let everyone in with a ticket to the waiting area, only to tell those at the very end that there's no more seats. Surely they would know when it's at capacity when people come into the foyer to hand their ticket over.

I've worked for Applause Store and there's several reasons why they oversubscribe and also let people into the waiting area. Firstly as everyone probably knows, every seat has to be filled- that's part of Applause Store's contract with the production and there's an incredible amount of tickets which don't get used, so unfortunately they have to give out more than required to ensure there's enough people.

You'd be surprised how many people actually leave the queue or decide they'd rather go somewhere else on the day, or even leave because they're unhappy with their seat- this is why the waiting area/queue also has to have some excess, in order to cover this.

There's also complications from production- on a show I worked on the production team had allocated a certain amount of tickets to friends/family of the contestants, again some of which didn't get used. On another show they'd booked a number of celebs to be in the audience (usually with an entourage), which typically didn't get confirmed until the last minute. So although you'd think they'd know exactly how many people can be let in, it changes so often that typically they're never given an exact figure.

I don't want to sound like I'm biased or completely on the defensive, but I found that typically the Applause Store crews I worked with were lovely, but are very young, not particularly well paid- and believe me they receive a lot of abuse from the public.