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NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC, NBC affiliates and TODAY

The O and the G are slightly more rounded, but apart from that I'm not sure.

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Sky News presentation - New studio onwards

Yes - granted, the coverage itself has been good, however there have been more communication breakdowns and little bloopers than I can ever remember seeing, I assume that Adam answered the way he did through frustration because in the previous half an hour or so there were a fair few more issues not just the two I posted, and him saying what he did was out of frustration rather than unprofessional, so no blame to Adam here.

Graphics are good though, but still prefer the big screen at the old studio to the one in the Glass Box.

Edit: Another one there, Adam going to a break before saying actually we're going to Jon Craig

Fair enough to point it out, but do you not have anything better to do than post a moment-by-moment account, complete (somehow) with a sense of moral effrontery?

I dunno, it's a presentation and TV forum so I guess it's topical to discuss that the presentation is a little messy at times and furthermore a sign that perhaps the production quality has fallen.