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How can I get myTV again?

Daisy posted:
tmf9 posted:
MyTV has closed entirely and there is no way to watch it. The channel was owned by a Brazilian 'church' and based in London at the UCKG HQ on Seven Sisters Road.

Thank you for your response which, however, is only partly correct. myTV still brodcasts but only in Ireland.

So far as I have been able to ascertain, the channel is owned by a group in the Republic of Ireland (as I said previously) and the stuff streamed from what was formerly the Rainbow Theatre, is not part of it. That much I do know because a friend of mine has worked as a volunteer at the church that now runs it. And they sell their media to myTV

How or where is it still broadcasting in Ireland? The channel closed and deleted all its websites, social media etc. I have looked at the main platforms in Ireland (Saorview, Sky, Virgin) and can not see it on any.

The Ofcom licence and company registration are both located at the same address in Seven Sisters Road with no apparent links to Ireland (but lots of Brazilian/Portuguese names).

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Will Disney close all the UK linear kids channels?

Sadly yes. A UK broadcasting licence for a channel aimed at the EU is worthless after 31st December. This month will see the final flurry of licences moving to the continent. The Netherlands and Czech Republic have had particular success in attracting UK licenced broadcasters who need an EU licence.