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Piers Morgan to leave GMB

How very boring and predictable it is to read all the knee-jerk comments about how the show will never survive losing Saint Piers. People seem to forget that he joined the show in November 2015, more than a year and a half after the show launched perfectly capably without him.

By his very 'love him or hate him' nature, he turned off as many people as he attracted.

For me, if it's a choice between watching Ben Shephard professionally and calmly interviewing guests and having a bit of fun with a woman who made a funny TV moment on Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway or watching Piers Morgan mocking the idea of gender identities, moaning about vegans, continuing his pathetic vendetta against Meghan Markle, or generally shouting over anyone who disagrees with him, I know which I'd prefer over my cornflakes.

The show wasn't very successful when it launched, and turning it into GMTV in early 2015 worsened it. I'm not a particular fan of Piers and his views, and I couldn't stand to watch it some mornings with all the shouting (personal opinion). We already have BBC Breakfast which is just reading the morning news, not being controversial and just doing what it does well. GMB doing the same things in a fluffier fashion, with ad breaks and competitions will just mean people will watch BBC Breakfast.

The GMB format has become a highly opinionated show and a clear alternative to BBC Breakfast and the ratings proved themselves with Piers (whether you like him or hate him).

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Steph's Packed Lunch

It looks like Channel 4 are just trying to wait it out and see if ratings improve or build an audience it seems but I don't think its ever going to come. Maybe they're hoping that if they carry on they can get a 'viral' video and hope that helps to start building an audience? I just don't think this will ever work.

It just a budget-cut version of 'This Morning' done in the north. Same guests, the kitchen with just the odd channel 4 segment thrown in like the one'oclock views or whatever it is.

Steph would be much more suited to a show like 'Joe Lycett's Got Your Back'. The problem there is they have already found a presenter for that and while it's not my cup of tea - it's edgy and different and works really well for channel 4.

Whatever they do though they need to stop trying to create their own version of 'This Morning' because that will never work. Maybe they need to try something different like having local bands on to perform (when covid allows) or doing more newsy serious segments and maybe more consumer rights stuff to play into Steph's strengthens more. They need to do something that makes them more different. It's hard to know what to do with this show though, I mean what audience are they trying to target young viewers or stay-at-home mums? It's confusing.