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I'd say a very niche market.

Doing the downlinking, yes, but how many are then doing dodgy web streams of them, possibly for a profit? I'm not saying it's a huge problem, but the fact that higher-value content is being protected by more complicated encryption shows that's it's one that's being taken seriously.
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The Sport Thread

The commentators are in Lisbon.

Ah, is that for every match or only some of them? I was told that BT were doing commentary from the UK, when perhaps they actually meant “some commentary”.

Some of the matches over the last week have been off-tube, but the remainder are all on site.

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The 'get well soon Tony Currie' thread

Scottish broadcasting stalwart, Ceefax music legend, and TV Forum regular Tony Currie is recovering in hospital at the moment after surviving an implausible number of heart attacks.

He's doing fine, given the circumstances, and has already been complaining on Facebook about the audio quality of hospital radio.

There's a short article in today's Sunday Post at

I'm sure I'll not be alone here in wanting to wish you best wishes for a speedy recovery, Tony - and hope you're back in front of a microphone again soon.