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Some of BBC News's presentation sure looks familiar to me...

COVID-19 has given me a bit of time back, so I was looking through a mock I did back in 2017 for France 2 (https://tvforum.uk/thegallery/france-2-jt-20-heures-42976) in a spare afternoon, two years before the Beeb came out with their Reith package.

Coincidental or inspiration? I'd say the former, but seeing as BBC News's headline presentation was nothing like what they have now, who knows? Very Happy

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BBC News (UK) presentation - Reith launch onwards

Or when England are playing of course


I've never seen that before, that's really unprofessional by the staff in the Newsroom.

I think after a lifetime of suffering and never witnessing England win a World Cup penalty shootout, I think the men and women who work professionally the whole time and got the short straw having to take their shifts that night were more than entitled to take their few minutes out and watch their country and celebrate. These lot are professionals second, and human beings first.

Life is too short, and true emotions of joy don't come often. Enjoy it.