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BBC One Breakdown

Surely to pull back a few minutes they could have axed the trails?

My thoughts exactly, would anyone know if there's a reasoning behind this maybe?

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CBBC Channel Studio Music

Jamiroquai - Love Foolosophy, quite funny cause that video is actually mine! Someone clearly stolen it!

Hi, if you're talking about the video in the first post, I reuploaded it literally just a few days ago, I've had it on an old hard drive for years as I saved it from YouTube for whatever reason. Just found it again and reuploaded to share in the YouTube Gold thread as I couldn't find it online still.

Clicking through to your YouTube profile it appears to have been terminated which I assume is why! If you don't want me reuploading it I can take it down, just thought it was a shame it wasn't online anymore.

No it's completely fine, it's good to see it again! Yeah my whole account was terminated for a copyright claim from Endemol on an old lottery video. So annoying as I had built a good collection of bits and bobs on there from CBBC and whatnot. Hey ho!