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Should BBC One become... just BBC?

rdd posted:

Always UTV in the Irish press, long before it was ever officially that - only UK publications in circulation (Radio Times, TVTimes, English newspapers) ever referred to it as “Ulster” and it would never have been casually referred to as that.

Incidentally before the 1993 rebrand it would never have been referred to as simply “Ulster” on air. Always “Ulster Television”, in full. That’s not to say there wasn’t “Ulster Newstime” or such, just that “Ulster” would never have been used without a noun attached.

Much like STV. Although they went through a period of calling it “Scottish” in all the on-air branding, people continued to refer to the channel as STV. Still far more likely to hear STV than ITV when people are talking about the channel in my experience.

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New look STV News at Six

"Perceived issues about journalistic balance and perspective"? Who is doing this perceiving? Is there any fact in these claims?

Unless you actually work in the STV newsroom, all of this is surely speculation and assumption.