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The Big Breakfast

I do think those images date from a couple of years ago - I've not heard of it being featured on any shows since then so it is possible the house is now in full private ownership and it's someone who treats it as their own home rather than a piece of TV history, which is fair enough.

The house is in a state where it isn't being left to ruin and is being well maintained - I'd like to think of the current tennants as just looking after it until the show returns triumphantly in the not too distant future.

Well Dr who returned 16 years after being axed so in 2018 you never know what might happen

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Coronation Street

I can't believe some idiots are STILL comnplaining to offcom about these episodes being show, they can't not show them at all

and continuity issues with John and Chesney being in school / not in school as if Chesney was in school for an exam then John-colin Stapefish should have been working as well, this should have been Monday's episode so schools would be back.