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The Big Breakfast

When I interviewed Richard Bacon not long after the show finished he said most of the Planet 24 stories couldn't be published! He said it was a different culture to any other company he worked for.

There is a story that has been published though, about an office junior being called in on his day off to pick up some files an executive had dropped on the floor.

An ex-LBC presenter (Possibly Christo, I can't remember now) mentioned on air a few times that conditions for junior production team members at The Big Breakfast weren't the best. Which is a shame to hear as someone that utterly loved the show. The crew always seemed like a gang of mates having fun on telly.

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The Big Breakfast

The house is owned by the same people as far as I'm aware. They've reinstated 1 Lock Keepers Cottage (the part of the house closest to Old Ford Lock) as its own property and rent it out. 2 & 3 is still their dwelling. The house is modern and airy (gorgeous loft conversion) with very little internally remaining of the BB.

They weren't massive fans of the show and are bemused that the house is still recognised 15 years on.