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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Indeed might have enticed the viewers hoping to see someone get the £1m question wrong - unless I'm mistaken (and I often am) I don't think anyone on our version has got it wrong.

Laurence and Jackie Llewellyn Bowen did (and the producers didn’t use the brilliant original music cue for it) - but got a re-do on the basis that the question was “flawed”.

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BBC News at 10 to be shorter

Rolling Eyes

Here's the thread from 38 months ago when the extension was announced.

Presumably, we can just reverse the BBC's self-important congratulatory PR puff quotes from that time:

"The extended shortened Ten will give audiences even more less news analysis and explanation"

"Now we’ll have still more less scope to explain the events that impact the country and help to make sense of the changing world around us."

“Through research, our audience has told us that they want more less from our evening news service. This format allows audiences to see more fewer regional stories and gives us the no opportunity to get under the skin of the issues alongside content that reflects arts and culture in different parts of the UK.”