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…and finally

Asa - thank you so much for two decades of fun and distraction!

I’d happily buy you a drink to say “thanks”... but in the circumstances, I wonder if there’s a favourite charity you’d like me to make a “thank you” donation to? I’m sure others might want to express their appreciation similarly where they can.
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BBC iPlayer

The all-important bit that mentions whose catch-up platform it is (i.e. the BBC's) being rendered as easily expendable in this way, is the opposite of what any brand sets out to achieve.

We’re told this often—including in connection with BBC News branding, as trivialmatters says—but I see little evidence of it in the real world.

Many brands would give their right arm to have an easily recognised sub-brand which people still closely associate with the parent. Look at Kindle, Clubcard, Alexa, Gmail, Mac, Windows, iPhone, Diet Coke, etc etc etc: all mega-successful brands in their own right which are immediately associated with the parent brand, reinforcing its dominance without even having to mention it.

Renaming Kindle “Amazon Reads” wouldn’t improve the product image or the Amazon brand, just as renaming “iPlayer” as “BBC Play” wouldn’t really help either.