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C&W/NTL/Telewest Box Revival

Joe posted:
I don’t think I’ve posted in this thread yet but apologies if I have!

I have no interest in doing this stuff, but I’m fascinated reading about it, and especially in seeing the screenshots. It’s been great to learn a little more about the history of the UK’s cable networks etc. Thanks for the interesting conversation!

No problem, that's the idea!

The broadcasters don't seem to care much (or if they do then at least not often publicly), and to most people it just becomes landfill of no value other than maybe scrap metal, so that's exactly what I want to do - make sure it doesn't just disappear into landfill, both physically and in terms of records like screenshots, videos, etc of boxes in action, even if the original services are gone.

Glad you're enjoying the screenshots, hope I can bring more soon!

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Digital TV

Indeed the launch equipment had the Sky egg logo on the boxes and the remote. I thought it was the Pace box only that had this, but it appears the Amstrad models also had the egg logo also.


Hey, I'm a little late to the party, but I spotted my picture and I thought I'd jump on and say I'm glad it was useful!

All of the first four boxes had variants with the egg logo; the Pace 2200, the Amstrad DRX100, the Grundig GDS200, and the Panasonic TU-DSB20. I'm not actually sure why, particularly the later Panasonic, the last (that I know of) to have that old logo on it, would've thought by the time it launched in January 1999 they'd have reworked the printing, the service had been officially launched three months earlier (and had been planned to launch four months before that ), and they had to have known about the logo change for some time before its use in branding, idents, etc.

Edit: There are also precious few screenshots (as ToasterMan's post shows, in the Sky News promo about Sky Digital's launch) of the EPG with the egg logo in it, but I don't know at what point they switched that design out for the rebranded one. I believe it's possible that some early boxes may have contained the egg EPG given the apparent uncertainty around its branding at the time, although the chances of finding out are next to nil, given the fact that they're now 22 years old(!) and the installer (and many years of automatic updating) would've almost certainly erased it from any box that'd had it, perhaps even before a day one adopter would've got their hands on it to play with. It's also possible those screenshots are simply design mockups though, or much earlier prototypes, so who knows?

The remote controls and the viewing cards I can understand (they also started out with the egg logo), as they'd have been generic and printed ahead of time, but that Panasonic box is a bit of a curiosity. Perhaps I underestimate how long it takes to change something like that (or perhaps they didn't especially care, I dunno).

Edit: In fact, here's a nice family photo I took a little while back: