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CNN International & Domestic

At the risk of repeating myself, I think the heavily-opinionated hosts will have to become less outraged once the focus is on a new administration. Other than the upcoming senate impeachment trial (if it happens), they will quickly run out of content as the world is moving on and there isn't a constant stream of new Trump tweets to be outraged about. They can't keep running footage of the storming of the Capitol forever.

I just can't see Cuomo and Lemon having nuanced conversations about healthcare policy or business tax rates. Either they leave or change direction somehow?

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scottishtv Founding member

Saturday Night Takeaway 2018

Schedule for Saturday, The Voice UK is moved forward.

19:00 The Voice UK
21:00 Through the Keyhole

It's a shame this has been announced so soon. I was looking forward to 12 pages of fantasy scheduling.