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Taskmaster Series 10 Cast Announced

Didn't realise a New Zealand version had been commissioned.

Yeah, I think it's in safe hands over here – the taskmaster Jeremy Wells spent years playing a vaguely Chris-Morris-ish role on his own comedy shows and on the radio, but now he's flipped over to the cuddly One Show equivalent, Seven Sharp, so the throne role should suit him. Looking forward to seeing how the contestants do too - Madeleine Sami is one of the best comedy actors I've ever seen. (Disclaimer, we're very far away so the humour doesn't travel, due to flight restrictions.)

And Paul Williams is used to being a sidekick - he and his brother did a spoof low-budget "show-within-a-show", as a regular comedy segment on the Jono and Ben program a few years ago. TVforumers will have a fit that this was on primetime telly even as a joke, but the shonkiness just made it even funnier.

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Ghostwatch: 25 Years On

Re: continuity, there was also this piece of additional reassurance later in the evening.


Oh, that's not gonna help.

Given the tragic consequences of the broadcast, and the harm it caused, it's understandable that they don't celebrate it in any way. It sounds like the main problem was a lack of communication with continuity – if they got 20,000 calls to the show's phone number, surely you'd give a disclaimer straight after the end credits. They knew kids had been watching.

Not to knock the drama itself, which by all accounts was too good, but the programme was just mismanaged, not handled sensitively or smartly. Plenty of other examples of that attitude in TV history, of course.

Maybe there's something to the theory that this could only have happened around 1992. Would BBC 1 have shown something like this in the same way in, say, the '80s?

But, as the article states, it was British Tv's last hoax, due to sites like this and social media

Couple of points there... 1) Twitter and Facebook are a hoaxer's dream, 2) TV Forum would mainly focus on the hoax's wrongly-sized logos

I reckon TV could still hoax a lot of people. For example, many viewers seem to believe that Piers Morgan is a broadcaster. Wink