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'Rota' talk on this site

There are people who are genuinely curious as to who is on the show each day....

i mean couldn't they it?

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Channel 4 Clock real time recreation


Hi! I haven't ventured here for quite a while so let me find my bearings.

I found the abstract clock thing on Channel 4 quite mesmerising, and wondered
whether I could build a realtime recreation of it. This is my first stab at it,
so perhaps a bit rough around the edges, but it's a start!

A few screenshots of some choice times...




And a video of it in action...

I currently only have a Mac version available here (47 Mb) . If there's any
interest I'll try to get a Windows build sorted. Just extract the zip and it
should run...hopefully. This isn't signed so you may have to hit some
buttons in the Security prefpane to let you run it.

Nothing in the way of customisability yet, but again, if
there's any interest I can throw in custom sound cues or colour control or
whatever seems important in a barely-readable clock, as well as options to scale
up or down the visuals for different hardware (at the moment I can only vouch
that this works on my own machine, so, good luck!) You may struggle without a
decent discrete GPU, but YMMV.

Anyway, yes, it's a pointless toy, but maybe you can baffle your coworkers by
taking over public displays with an illegible clock.

Known issues: the ticks aren't quite synchronised to the audio...

If this is of any interest to anyone give a shout and I can try to make it
better/more available. Will try to get the code on GitHub soonish.

Happy ticking. I guess it's good to be back?