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richard h
Boulton really doesn't even try and hide his remain bias so I'm glad he isnt doing it. I don't feel the same about Kay Burley.

These debates sound like something the media wants but most people couldn't care less about. its not like most of us has any say in who gets chosen anyway. Most of the previous debates have been car crash tv with the moderator constantly cutting people off all the time and of course the interviewer who asks a question then immediately interrupts and it just becomes a wall of noise. I won't be watching any except maybe the question time special

As if its not bad enough hearing about the Eu referendum/Brexit everyday for 4 years we will now have 1-2 months of leadership contest every day too
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richard h

Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

Not sure if itโ€™s been posted here yet, but Sky News have won some awards for the Brexit Election.

Well deserved. some of the best presentation I've seen from Sky News. What a shame it was only for 1 day
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Good Morning Britain

On the whole I like the new set but they really should start dropping the entertainment section when they are running behind time. It seems odd to delay the TOTH for Richard Arnold talking about trivia