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Eurovision 2019

RDJ posted:

And of course the general perception of Eurovision by the British public is a big issue. The older people still think it's full of diggi-loo diggi-le and Bucks Fizz, the younger people aren't aware of its legacy and aren't going to go out of their way to watch it, especially with television viewership in decline.

That's the problem. BBC market Eurovision as this big camp singing event that happens once a year, which of course, is very true in some respects but it's not a "cool" event to be assosciated with. If I remember correctly the BBC last year grouped together all of the novelty acts from the years gone by as an advert for the final. Says it all really.

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Eurovision 2017

Is it possible that Europe will give us one good year before we depart the union?

I'm really tired of seeing stories saying that Europe will punish us because of Brexit. Eurovision is not the EU, there are counties in The Eurovision that are not in the EU.