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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

Re Patel's press conference: it was known by all media that no changes to policy or law were to be announced.
Re Pointless: it already had to be dropped yesterday and possibly will be again later in the week, if there's a more major press conference that needs to take priority.
The major, more 'BBC One worthy' conferences, would usually be the ones hosted by Johnson or Hancock, as they would usually be the ones announcing any new measures, etc.

(Anyway, Pointless may have got them more viewers than Patel would have, if she had been on One!)

95% of the press conferences don’t announce new policies or law including the many weeks of daily ones we had in the spring, yet they were all on BBC One

The BBC will have a tough decision to make next Wednesday if Biden’s inauguration clashes with a Covid press briefing. NewsWatch’s post bag will be heaving that week.

BBC One - covid press briefing
BBC News - Biden inauguration

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BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

I thought the biggest shock was that VD was presenting her own show this morning.