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Sky Sports Cricket currently showing an archive T20 match from 2005 complete with a plug for a premium rate text vote for the Man of the Match and no effort to cover it up.

Is that normal or would that usually have been caught by a compliance process?

Normally depends whether anybody noticed or is paying attention. Presumably they're hoping cricket viewers are intelligent enough to realise the vote closed years ago. As opposed to moronic viewers who don't realise they're watching ITV+1 in the morning and wonder why the GMB clock is an hour out.

It happens on occasion when Sky are covering a match in Australia (for example) and its like 2 in the morning over here and the commentary using a local feed, so you get promotions for "tonight on 7" or whatever and the occasional call to entry for something or other. Sometimes they notice and throw up a "entry not available in the UK" caption or similar.

Remember seeing once BT Sport took some cricket from Australia and it was quite blatantly a complete copy of what was going out down under - programme promotions for stuff coming up tonight, the occasional "go to our website forward slash something or other to <do something or buy something or whatever it was" and so on and so forth... (no adverts though, but it may have been a pan international feed). And nobody from BT Sport seemed to notice or even care they were effectively relaying promotions for stuff and events that didn't apply to us in this country.

On the live sport thing and your cricket example we usually get the Fox feed for Australian cricket (not a world feed, just one of the domestic feeds, similar to most US sport) Sky (or currently BT who cover Australian cricket, but relevant for the likes of IPL on Sky) if taking the host feed and there are sponsored plugs, not much Sky or BT can do really. It is incidental inclusion and Ofcom has a lighter view as it's not Sky/BT controlling the pictures. It flips/flops but sometimes BT don't show the lunch breaks etc, opting for pre-record pieces with a voiceover to fill gaps. During play though we've seen things such as Michael Vaughan at an Oz test game on BT (using the Fox feed) in a chair on a zipline type chair eating KFC plugging during play. It's like American sports often don't have a 'world feed'. Even at something as big as the Masters golf last week the feed with graphics is still plastered with ESPN or CBS logos and occasionally a CBS promo, which if it was a UK event, the UK broadcaster would opt out of it's own host feed for the world to locally provide British audiences info/studio/trailers etc. We even see interviews with non-branded mics etc like at Wimbledon. America / Australia it still has their logos plastered.

Sky for years on the regular golf coverage have to always go back to the studio or a wide shot of scenery with a voiceover to fill gaps with recaps, shot centre etc due to extra breaks. There is often a 30 minute cross over between golf channel and CBS/NBC at weekends who pick up later coverage and for years there was barely a shot so Sky had all studio chat, same for the extra US breaks. It has changed a bit now during that 30 min window and the extra breaks are often filled with a few shots with Sky talk over.

On the point of old footage, obviously people should know it's old, but probably strictly speaking should be removed if someone complained.

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Coronation Street

It's interesting though when I've been on holiday in the US and watching episodes of their soaps, how they feel like they still have the production standards ours did in the 70s, being mostly studio based (even scenes that are meant to be "outdoors" being quite obviously done in a studio- something you haven't seen in UK soaps for decades, not really even in the 70s) and feeling very stagey. Our soaps are almost like Hollywood movies in comparison, even 1977 Corrie feels like it has higher production values than a 2017 episode of General Hospital at times.

While still a far lower budget to the UK Soaps - Out of all the US ones The Bold and The Beautiful has stepped up location far more and generally are abroad once or twice a year now (Paris, Monaco, Amsterdam, Australia etc in recent years - latter two has huge fan base). The 30 minute (or 18 without ads) format helps too with pacing etc. Big 'stunts' car crashes etc are still pretty brutally awful (indoor car set, camera swerve pan and black out picture job) but they've done some semi-decent green screen stuff. However it is a lunchtime programme (Although probably Doctors has a bigger budget - but I'd say stories are very dry and slow from what I've seen).

Used to watch GH when on ABC1 back in the day. I can't sit by the hour long US soaps while gotten a bit better (GH & Y&R anyway) they are so slow compared to Bold.

However - this 2001 classic is still a real gem of the low budget cliffhanger (character lived btw!)