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I wonder how much is CSO (bieng in ITN Studio 1) and how much is real

There is no CSO used - simply props brought into the studio, with the curtain used to hide a large chunk of the green screen which fills all of Studio 1

Right. But seems a bit odd that they have a (very good) CSO setup that they're not using.

Much cheaper, quicker and easier to fling up a curtain and pop a few props in front of it though.

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Happy 18th TV Forum

Happy Birthday TV Forum!

I've made mocks since my childhood, using cardboard and Letraset until computers became a thing and I was finally able to make mocks that moved. When I discovered TV Forum (it was early on, I used to be pip but something went awry and I had to rejoin as pip2) I was thrilled that there was a place like-minded enthusiasts could indulge their interest in TV presentation. Thanks everyone, especially Asa, the mods and the mockers.

Moving birthday cards follow shortly.