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A routinely renewed contract though isn't always a get out of jail free card - indeed after 4 years they're considered an employee unless there is a good reason for them not to be and they're entitled to redundancy after 2 years.

Not to mention how many of them will have had older contracts which would have had them full time anyway on a continuing basis.

It’s only more recently ‘talent’ contracts have become renewable after the people found out they couldn’t make presenter changes due to legacy contracts.

Presenters are expected to be more flexible these days, including flexible enough to work on a different program.

If you’ve worked long enough, voluntary redundancy could be an attractive option - but on the other hand is it more expensive to pay off a long standing presenter’s redundancy bill or let them work another year or two before they retire anyway.

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peterrocket Founding member

London Terror Incidents

ITV didn't know the Manchester attack was over at that point though, nor did the police.

As far as I know, there was no report that anyone said there were other terrorists attacking the Manchester arena. ITV wouldn't have had enough information to justify overnight TV coverage. Presumably, ITV believed - correctly - that there was no evidence that it was a marauding attack. Last night, evidence that there was a marauding attack in London was available relatively quickly.

ITV had more than enough information, and at a relatively early stage, that a massive news event had occurred. That they broadcast nothing, absolutely nothing, for 7 and a half hours is appalling. Whether or not it was a marauding attack is neither here nor there. They got on air last night, they should have done so for Manchester.

I do love how people with probably little or no experience in broadcast news feel they can criticise a broadcasters options.

There's so many factors, such as working hours, staff availability, resources, transport, satellite availability not to mention whether there's enough staff to crew a gallery, line up satellites / set up OSs.

That's even before you get to the actual editorial content. Who will pull clips off Facebook / twitter and load them, who will verify them and keep the programme on air .

You've also the fact more people are using mobile devices to check news sources than watch the television.

It is not as simple as just pressing a button and you're on air.

I'd say their decision to go on last night was based on the fact they got a camera and a reporter live, otherwise you could end up with someone reading twitter and showing videos.