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Local TV

That's TV haven't added Scotland to their website yet. Neither have they added Grimsby. I suspect they won't either, given how long they've been on-air.

I don't know how it's affected everyone else but it seems that you have to retune your TV in Scotland to get That's. Which, given my roof aerial is somewhat patchy at the best of times and the reports I've heard about their stations, doesn't entirely inspire me to give it a go.

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STV to shut STV2 Local Stations

Final proof that the local TV idea is a crock.

If STV, with all its resources, cross-platform working and library of repeats to fill the hours can't make it work, who can? While retaining any quality whatsoever. Are there any good examples left out there?

If the government is really concerned about local it should give the BBC free reign to expand local radio and make more of an effort on community radio which, despite my scepticism, has produced some decent stations.