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Five is a brand

Both the “five” eras suited the well... eras they were from - quite perfectly too. five was utterly 2000’s - cool and a little sophisticated, while FIVE was very late 2000s with it’s fun and bounce. I think both can really be appreciated for how creative they were and actually giving the channel a personality.

It’s really a shame looking back - five used to be a channel you’d quite happily watch because it was its own thing, you’d have stuff like Extraordinary People, US imports and The Gadget Show. (when it was good -not the zombified corpse begging to be put out of its misery that it is now...) It was quite cool! and I think the branding really did reflect it.

Nowadays, I know that they’re getting a bit better and going down the BBC Four route - but the branding still feels like such an afterthought to me. To me it’s still the channel that took Big Brother hostage and put a copy of The Daily Star to its head... I think they really can learn from their past selves and make the channel(s) genuinely appealing again because they really haven’t cracked it yet. Every rebrand now feels like interim branding - they are trying... a bit... but all of it now just feels like a company is playing hot potato with a channel and not wanting to spend too much on anything.

This is awesome - cool and fresh, and other than the dramatic celebrity sequence at the start, it’s aged really really well.

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And that concludes this weeks episode of ‘Things I Could’ve Easily Googled’.