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noggin Founding member

- Why such a long gap between last vote and first jury result? The juries have all voted the night before anyway. It seems to be getting longer and longer. Last year in Lisbon I was standing in the arena, couldn't hack it any longer and got a taxi back to my hotel and was in bed with a glass of wine watching it on tv before the voting started

That's the only junction they can put the final (and longest) ~8 minute commercial break in the latter part of the show. You can't put a break within the phone vote window, nor can you put an 8'00" break in the jury spokesperson slot. They are kind of stuffed. The only real solution is to reduce the length of the phone voting window, which seems to have got longer in recent years?
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noggin Founding member

Sky Arts to go FTA from September

Aren't EE essentially adding a layer to their 4G network for the (very delayed) ESN (Emergency Services Network) with similar features of traffic priority ?

It might become obsolete before it's launched !

AIUI it's not even able to feature-match the current Tetra Emergency Service system...

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noggin Founding member

Programmes which do not interest you

Could I suggest the following would be worth thinking about :

1. Be nicer to each other.
2. Be more tolerant of each other.
3. Where mistakes are made in factual terms, politely correct them without snark or sarcasm.
4. Where opinions are disagreed with - remain pleasant whilst stating the opposite case.
5. If you can't say something nice about a fellow forum member, then best not say anything.
6. Remember this isn't just a forum visited by enthusiasts. It is also read by people working in the industry (who may also be enthusiasts)
7. Think about who is reading your posts, and how they would feel when reading them.
8. If you DO have dyslexia or another issue that may mean your posts look unusual or are difficult to read, then it might be worth putting something in your signature. A couple of colleagues I have at work who have quite severe dyslexia have a standard part of their e-mail signature that mentions it to avoid people thinking they are being disrespectful by rushing their replies. (And not everything can be picked up by spell check)

I know we're all guilty of getting caught up in personal opinions, enthusiasms and obsessions at times (and I'm sure I've been guilty of not doing everything I suggest above) - but you know this forum would be a lot more pleasant to visit if people on it were a bit more pleasant to each other.

If I'm honest, some of the conversations here amount to little more than bullying at times.