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DE88 posted:
Time for me to post a video on this great thread for the final time. I expect that this will be the last video I post on all of TVF, too. Crying or Very sad

I wanted to post the closing moments of the original run of Grand Prix on the BBC, which seemed very appropriate given Murray Walker's recent passing and the fact that this run lasted the best part of (guess how long?) 20 years - only to find that FOM had blocked it from being displayed outside of YouTube. Mad

So instead, the closing moments of another long-running programme's original run. No doubt these moments have been viewed many times before, and also this programme came back less than two years later. However, the recording here is different to the one on TV Ark, and features a bit extra on either side - though it does feature the exact same announcement leading into the programme, because that was how things in that particular part of the country worked then. Wink

Yes, the closing moments of News at Ten's original run, taken from Tyne Tees. Wink


I certainly hope to post many more videos on Rob's new forum. Thumbs up Thumbs up

and for my final, final post here it also includes the weather forecast at the end with my favourite weathergen

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Peter Sissons has died.

and Channel 4 have just put the first ever channel 4 news online as a tribute to him, here is the link