BBC Newsnight

House posted:

Also do I have a faulty perception of the programme, or is Gavin Esler appearing less often? There's been a nice balance of Jeremy, Emily and Kirsty recently, but Gavin doesn't appear with the same frequency that he once did.

Not that I'm complaining, mind. Jeremy, Emily and Kirsty are by far the best suited of all the presenters they've featured over the past couple of years.

From what I've seen, Gavin is appearing more and more at 5pm on the NC. IIRC he was also on location for the channel (and possibly Newsnight too) one day last week. It may be my imagination, but there used to be a larger range of presenters who covered for Huw at 5 (Emily Maitlis, Nicholas Owen, Tim Willcox, Ben Brown etc.) ... but now it seems to be almost always Gavin.