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Allegra Stratton - New PM Press Secretary

Keir Starmer is mulling doing a monthly press conference.

I suspect that could move to weekly as a response to the government's new press relationship. I would assume the BBC would cover it live.

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A Red and Cream Tribute - BBC News 2000

Firstly I want to thank @Bail for inspiring me to take the opportunity to do some animating during the current situation. And I know its a few days shy of the actual anniversary, but 20 years have passed, and these original titles and graphics were a big influence on me, and the future skills I would learn.

So following from my earlier BBC World Countdown and Titles animation I did, I had wanted an opportunity to try to turn my hand to News 24's countdown. This anniversary was the opportunity to try my own take on re-creating these iconic graphics.




Some things to note...
I moved slightly away from the more yellowy cream colours that you see in lots of the screen grabs and low res videos - I tried to use the more pure cream colours from stills I found by Lambie-Nairn, the studios, and the 2000's BBC News website .

I added details that could have been there if it were not for the lower resolutions at the time.

And following conversations about the digital/mechanical nature of the elements used originally - I added some subtle camera shakes and some depth of field to the Globes, Discs/Ovals and Maps.

Nine O'Clock News titles added here

Original designs created by Lambie-Nairn
Creative Director: Martin Lambie-Nairn
Senior Designer: Nicola Mills

Original music created by David Lowe