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Back to the golden days of EE next week. The show's first ever two hander episode featuring the iconic Den & Angie Watts.

How I miss those days of EE - when the show was truly class. Unlike the endless carousel of sensationalised deaths, murders, affairs, 'secrets' and 'reveals' that it is today.


Even the repeat run on Drama, currently at May 1994 - highlights how bad the show is nowadays.
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Digital Spy

Quite honestly DS has "had its day".

It was good years ago (even when the wicked Beth Hart was "chief mod"), however nowadays it seems to be used as a forum to attack people.

It does not matter if you have a different opinion to me, we all have the right to say our piece without being viciously attacked by one (or more) users.

It is most probably one of the worst moderated forums on the internet.

X can attack Y and get away with it, the post reported and nothing happens.
Y can respond to X's comments and be banned

WTF is that about?

All the criticisms levied against the site and forums are spot on.

TV Forum looks a lot better place to be! Very Happy