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Latest post in Radio Times new look

I'm not saying the new RT design is perfect, but I'm glad some people recognise the thinking behind it. The Editor would not have just had a brainwave one morning and ordered substantial changes - they would, I'm sure, have been properly thought out and reseached.

A few things to consider...

*TV listings are freely available from the internet and 7 Day EPGs. The success of a premium cost listings magazine is in the added value. That added value offered by RT comes from the (excellent) feature pages, the previews and the overall depth of programme information.

*The average RT reader watches LESS television than the typical viewer and buys RT to help them choose the TV worth watching - hence the focus on previews and choices. Daytime tv details probably don't matter much to the typical RT reader.

*RT regards its competition as the 7 Day TV guides in the quality newspapers and the Daily Mail - not TVTimes, What's On TV and the like which are aimed at completely different readerships. (C2DE women who may be buying a guide purely to avoid buying a newspaper and who only want to read about soaps and celebs.)

Personally I think a better solution could be found for daytime within a 2 page spread but RT remains an excellent magazine and the only TV magazine I'd ever consider buying. As a literate, educated person who's a discerning viewer it's the only TV mag I can identify with.

I can't disagree with any of that, but some things that put me off the new look are:

* CBBC morning listings are now non-existant, which is very poor indeed
* Weekend sporting coverage now has far less space
* It is far harder to check across channels for any given time

I must be honest that I've grown used to the change, and haven't stopped purchasing the magazine, as you said, there's no real alternative. It's just the "We're right, you're wrong" attitude of the editorial team that rankled with me.
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The Sport Thread

Jon posted:
It’s not like they’re just sticking a Blu-Ray into a player though. They could have easily have added a caption or a voice over at the end or at as you say at least got the announcer to mention it.

I'm not a TV professional, so take what I say with a pinch of salt. But it's fairly obvious to me that resources such as new captions and voice-overs haven't been granted to this production (unlike the Euros Rewind series, which clearly had a great deal of resource thrown at it, and very good it was too).

Perhaps they took advantage of the fact there was already a retrospective programme that could be reversioned at minimal cost so didn't think it necessary to add much. I've not dug out my copy of the DVD to compare, but this review mentions new links by Sue Barker and has a cap of a 'Day 15' caption using (ugh) Impact as seen in yesterday's programme.

There's also the slight oddity that the frontcap was titled 'London 2012 Olympic Games', whereas during the games they used 'Olympics 2012' on the titles.

I think it's safe to assume it's essentially the DVD, but perhaps sliced up a little differently.

(You're right though, the signposting to BBC Two should have been handled by pres).

Yep, I wasn't being meaning to be critical of what the Beeb are doing for Olympics Rewind - the 2012 DVD is great and it's finally getting a TV airing, which is wonderful.

Whilst I haven't had a chance to compare it, the DVD definitely had those captions (which have made it into Olympic Rewind) and also that different front cap that you mention. Plus the links with Sue Barker in the park - it's actually a really good production and I was so pleased when I bought it back in 2012 that they featured various clips of presenters from the venues and the main studio as it just helps with the memories of that time - lovely to have a hint of how it all was on a day-to-day basis.

I think it definitely is the DVD, just with the titles and end montages in different places, as you say.

And I suspect that the 2016 Olympic Rewind will be that DVD review, this one hosted by Dan Walker in a very similar style to the 2012 one.

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Government to suspend Parliament

The suggestion that we cannot have a General Election this year because of Sports Personality of the Year taking place in December is one of the more ridiculous things that I have read.