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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Jonwo posted:
Death in Paradise doesn’t start filming until April anyway so they’re not going to be affected at the moment plus I suspect everyone had to be tested before they flew out anyway.

If a production is running a single block of filming overseas they may not be affected that much if there are enough people willing to quarantine for ten days on return or less of the production budget incorporates testing in day five of return.

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BBC Breakfast - 16th July onwards

You might notice something. Soon.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if it's only something like a minor tweak to the sunrise view shown on the "windows" (e.g. the removal/replacement of the "glitterball" vertical banners, but the rest of the view being totally unchanged) or whatever, which average viewers won't even notice.

Something as substantial as e.g. a proper full set change would be lovely, but I've long-since learned to have very low expectations of any mooted changes to Breakfast. It would be nice to be pleasantly surprised, but I'll not be holding my breath.

I'd hope for the presenters sake that a new sofa is in order - even if it is identical.