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BBC to move more roles outwith London

The one thing about this that makes absolutely no sense to me at all is moving the World Service Business Unit to Salford. Because London is the home of the LSE, and is the major business centre in the UK. Moving the Business Unit to Salford just seems dumb.

Also, moving Radio 3 to Salford seems a little weird. Why not do what they're doing with other radio stations and having parts of the output produced in other regions and nations.

Yes the business unit to Salford is a bit of an odd choice but then does it really matter where they go? It's not as if the CEOs of companies or others they have on as guests ever come into the studio in W1 now. Could really be anywhere.

Also consider that a lot of its output is on 5 Live and Breakfast, both Salford based. I'm not sure where Wake Up To Money comes from nowadays, think its Salford.

Radio 3 there is a bit of an odd one. They never said that it's moving totally to Salford, like 6 Music it'll be based there, there'll still be a lot of programmes coming from London.

Salford does seem an odd choice until you remember that the Philharmonic are based there so it isn't as random as it sounds at firsf

Is it not only the BBC World Service radio business that is moving to Salford, not the entire business unit, as you’re implying, which frankly makes no sense to me whatsoever.

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BBC News: Presenters & Rotas

Perhaps a straight answer one way of the other would shut the speculation up once and for all?

Or perhaps it is none of our business?