Question Time & The BNP

They should've invited Shami Chakrabarti, Iain Dale and Richard Dawkins.

Anyway, for the tuppence my two cents are worth, I thought the programme was excellent: Dimbleby did an excellent job by ensuring none of the politicians (except, perhaps, Chris Huhne, who was rather sub-par anyway) got an easy ride. Bonnie Greer was also superb, staying calm and collected as she demolished Griffin's (or, as I prefer to call him, A***wipe Supreme of the Fascist C**thive of Britain) hypocritical, ignorant and indecisive blather.

The only thing that could've improved it is if Paxman had appeared on a platform rising through the floor, partway through, with some recordings of Griffin's more extreme speeches. Wink

Anyway, I think the BBC were right to invite him on: no matter how odious his views are, he was "democratically" elected (ignoring the fact the turnout was so low the minor parties were bound to gain more traction) and he can no longer complain that hippie lefty bias in the media is gagging him (although he is still spinning every last drop of venom out of the situation, claiming it was like a "mob".)

And now, a joke: what's the difference between Nick Griffin and Adolf Hitler? A bullet in the cranium.