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The Sport Thread

rdd posted:

All the same, I tend to give this report some credence, if only due to the fact that Six Nations Rugby and Amazon have or had an existing relationship with the Autumn Nations Cup last year which proves that Amazon may well have an interest in the Autumn International rights (which I think is their real target rather than the 6N itself).

I won't argue with any of that post! I can't recall where I heard/read it (so it could be total nonsense) but I was under the impression Amazon were the only serious bidder for the Autumn cup last year - which I remember thinking sounded credible as just adding to the "tin-pot" nature of the tournament.

If true... I can't decide if that works in Amazon's favour or not. I would agree that the autumn series is Amazon's "seasonal" target, I guess for Sky & BT, the opposite probably applies.

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…and finally

I'm also a long-time lurker, and will be sorry to see this site go- but understand the reasons, and will join the replacement!

I've posted mainly in the sports section - there's a few others forums where some of the same material gets discussed, but it's always seemed more level-headed in here. I hope I've phrased that complement properly...