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Armed Insurrection at US Capitol Building

It's a tough call. Comparing the events of this week to 9/11 is ridiculous. The latter is like nothing we had ever seen before and I completely agree with the decision of UK broadcasters that day to enter full rolling news mode (at a time when such a thing was quite novel). It had absolutely worldwide ramifications and I remember the world being very tense that day. None of us had any idea whether our country was next to be targeted.

That being said, an attempted coup in the USA is nothing to be sniffed at. Apart from being (allegedly - personally I disagree) the "world's greatest democracy", the "special relationship" between the USA and UK and the fact that the ongoing US Election saga is probably the number two story in the world right now, merits a bit more than the UK broadcasters did. I don't necessarily think that abandoning scheduled programmes for rolling news would have been the right thing to do. However, I do think a quick newsflash to highlight the story and promote the news channels and/or late news bulletins wouldn't have gone amiss.

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itsrobert Founding member

Old BBC News video clips archive

I realised that I have an awful lot of old video clips that I recorded from various BBC News outlets between about 2001 and 2004 and it's all just sitting there doing nothing and never sees the light of day.

So, I thought I'd upload it all to Dropbox and give you all access to it. It's a real treasure trove of stuff from BBC One news, News 24, BBC World, North West Tonight etc. Mainly regular bulletins, but also some mistakes and oddities like joint weekends between News 24 and World. I've also got some recordings from when News 24 were in TC10 during the autumn of 2003.

I've tried to organise it into various subfolders for ease of navigation. Please accept my apologies in advance for the terrible quality of a lot of the earlier stuff. I'd urge you to turn your speakers down for those as the sound is very loud. I seemed to get a handle on recording stuff by about 2003 so the later stuff is a bit better. I've tried to omit clips that I downloaded from websites and were sent by friends etc. I hope none have slipped through - I'm 99% sure I recorded everything here myself.