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itsrobert Founding member

BBC News nostalgia, including BBC World

DTV posted:
Actually they did use the other side of N9 - until the Sport Today set was installed at some point (late 2000/early 2001 maybe?) the old flags era main set remained opposite the new news set in N9. This clip is from July 2000 and briefly shows Asia Today still being presented from the old flags era set.

Good to know. When I was looking through old BBC World schedules the other week, I found a schedule for April 2001 which still had 'World Sport' and one for June 2001 which had 'Sport Today' - so I presume that Sport Today was launched between late-April and June 2001. Which means the flag second set may have lasted about a year into the cream and red era (although that's nothing compared to the frosted glass patterns in the newsroom).

Well done for that - I've been trying to find out for years when Sport Today launched. That would make sense as the new Sport Today set was also used for the UK Election coverage on World in June 2001.

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itsrobert Founding member

London Terror Incidents

Just a comment regarding the criticism of ITV News which I feel I have to defend. I cannot say this enough times - ITN no longer has the resources in place overnight to sustain all-night rolling coverage . It's as simple as that. How people can expect a team to stay all night at work having been there for a 12 hour shift already is beyond my comprehension. And people forget time and time again that it is not just the TV presenters and journalists, but also the directors, lighting directors, sound mixers, technical directors, production assistants, programme editors, MCR engineers....... these people will all have done very long shifts over the weekend and there is no plan for new staff to come and relieve them overnight because there is no 24 hour news channel or ITV Morning News anymore. The BBC and Sky have massive resources already in place - how you can expect ITN to compete with that operation at the drop of a hat is beyond me. ITN these days has a very skeletal staff in overnight to meet its usual obligations (e.g. NBC News, GMB etc.) and without planning beforehand cannot easily mount open-ended rolling coverage anymore. Even back in ITN's heyday of the 80s and 90s, they rarely went into open-ended coverage - they would usually do short newsflashes.

I'm sorry if that comes over as a bit of a rant, but I feel quite strongly about this. For what it's worth, I was watching when all this unfolded last night and watched excerpts of BBC News, Sky News, Al Jazeera, CNN - and when ITV News came on the air I thought it was easily the best of the bunch. The BBC had the same pictures for ages and were very cautious, Sky News was frankly scaring the life out of people - and for me, ITV News struck the right balance. It had enough urgency but you could tell it had been properly planned and resourced appropriately. I can't argue with that.