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Final post


…and finally

A final post from me.

My emotions are still strong after hearing the news almost a month ago and wanted to expand on what I wrote before.

When I first got interested in TV branding over 20 years ago I had no idea that there were others out there who shared this passion, so I'm hugely grateful to have found TVHome and then this forum back then - and have been following the discussions (with some gaps!) ever since. I don't think my interests in 3d animation, graphic design and branding would be what they are today without this place. It's good to hear that it'll be archived going forwards.

Although I haven't been a contributor until recently, I've still felt part of the forum over the years. I've signed up on the new TV Live forum so might be more active there in the future and will hopefully see many of you and the discussions continue over there. It's really been a great run - so thank you Asa, mods and everyone else for the memories that have been shared in this unique place. I'm going to miss it greatly.

Thank you and goodbye.

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The BBC Coat of Arms

It feels like it's from another era. Maybe it could be reworked into a much more simplified form, but the existing design is too complex and comes across as rather colonial.

That said, the 1993 virtual studio was iconic.

A while back I had a go at recreating the 3d glass wall and struggled to make all the various elements visible due to the internal refractions and specular highlights - the original design also suffered from this on screen.

I'd also intended to create the studio but never got round to it, so here's a couple of renders of where I got to (with parts of the birds unfinished):