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BBC Publishes Annual Plan

The only potential problem with it might be if questions get raised about why S4C is all in Welsh but BBC Alba Scotland (or whatever) would probably need to be English and Gaelic.

Maybe it could work if most of the programmes have two language tracks?

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…and finally

As others have said so eloquently over the last few days, I would just like to express my thanks to Asa and everyone who has posted over the years.

I am ashamed to admit that I’ve hardly posted at all, but I have really enjoyed reading the insightful contributions of others (especially those of you in the industry) and I’ve been a lurker for over 10 years. I feel the need to join in with this thread on TVF’s final day just to say, and I really mean this, that many of you cannot possibly truly know how much others have appreciated the existence of this forum over the years. Indeed, many lurkers like me have never expressed our thanks until now. It has been a special little corner of the internet for us enthusiasts, and I am so grateful that we’ve had it.

But all good things come to an end, as they say, and I have created an account over at the new forum - I hope to see many of you there and I have also made a resolution with myself to make a bit more effort to post there, so hopefully I will see you all around in the years to come.

Goodbye everybody, for now!