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Five News Studio 2005-2008


I am looking at starting a Cinema 4D recreation project of the Five News studio used between 2005-2008 (pictured below) I would appreciate it if anyone has any reference images, images taken from behind camera or any information relating the studio's dimensions etc.



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I’m A Celebrity .... 2020

I've waited a few days before commenting on this year's show - first of all, I would consider myself to be a huge fan of I'm a Celebrity, it is the highlight of my TV year.

This year was clearly always going to be different. However, there are a few things I didn't expect.

Lack of Daylight - now, I appreciate it is Wales in Winter, but with the trials being filmed at night and the challenges held indoors we barely see any daylight.

Camp Life - although I feel this has been a trend for the last couple of years, we don't seem to be seeing much of camp life - discussions around the fire, chores etc, celebrities making their own games. Every night is crammed into showing campmates waking up, bushtucker trial, castle coin challenge, celebs eat, done.

Basic Trials - again, I know we're just a few days in, but I worry the big trials we've become accustomed to over recent years, high wires, water tanks, won't feature - to me, it feels like they have gone back to basics with the trials.

I was expecting greater use of the castle grounds and woodlands, we're just alternating between 3 different rooms in the castle and actually, the whole thing could have been shot at Elstree.

In regards to the 'Daily Drop' - it looks like something I would have produced for a GCSE Media project.

I hope as the series goes on that things change, and that ITV doesn't see this as an opportunity to cut costs by not returning to Australia.