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CNN International & Domestic

Interesting at the 12.00 ET today, Bouldan presented Newsroom instead of John King presenting Inside Politics.

That's happened all this week. I imagine he's got holiday this week.

But it's strange because they could have gotten a relief presenter like Abby Phillip.

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CNN International & Domestic

Jeff Zucker does get a lot of criticism on here but recent months have shown that when big news breaks (particularly on the political side) or big events take place people do flock to CNN which wasn't always the case in years past. Its more brash but still largely journalistically strong style these days seems to help it stand out more in a way it didn't a while back.

If I may say so, one of Zucker's legacy is that he has cheapened what the phrase "Breaking News" means. In the past, the banner is used once every 2-3 days, sometimes for a few minutes only. Now, almost every CNN programme every day includes "Breaking News" in its banner and it is something that has predated the outgoing POTUS.